Dutch MSX Resource Center launched

by snout on 23-11-2003, 22:06
Topic: MRC

Almost exactly a month ago we introduced the Spanish MSX Resource Center. Today, we are very proud to present you the MSX Resource Center in Dutch as well.

Newsposts are translated by a dedicated team of translators: Frederik Boelens, Michiel van Leeuwen and Remco van der Zon. Our admins and webmasters (see: Who we are) did quite some translations as well. Already more than 480 newsposts from our news archive have been translated to Dutch. Apart from translated newsposts the entire website interface has been translated to Dutch, allowing members who are logged in to post dutch reactions to translated newsposts or to discuss MSX topics in our Dutch forum. Of course, we recommend people who want to reach as many MSX users as possible with their thoughts and ideas to discuss on the larger, more active international MSX forum in English.

In the future, we might offer the contents of our website in Japanese and Portuguese as well. However, we need the help of voluntary translators to achieve this. If you would like to help out translating the MRC to Spanish, Dutch, Japanese or Portuguese please apply here. For now, we hope many people will enjoy the MSX Resource Center in either English, Spanish or Dutch.

Relevant link: Dutch MSX Resource Center

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By sjoerd

Hero (602)

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24-11-2003, 16:49

Nederlands heerst heftig. However, I'll stick to English. When my English is bad, I just say I'm Dutch. But when my Dutch is bad, what can I say? Smile
Futhermore in Dutch more people may understand what I mean. We really can't have that...

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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24-11-2003, 20:04

When your dutch is bad, the best thing you can say is "I'm an idiot" (but then, ofcourse, in dutch) Tongue