Game music poll down, challenge poll up

Game music poll down, challenge poll up

by wolf_ on 29-05-2013, 23:07
Topic: MRC

Almost two months have passed since we asked you about your taste o' good MSX game music. How do you like them served? All original? Arranged? After 95 votes, here are the results.

  • yes, mostly the originals 43.2%
  • no 26.3%
  • yes, mostly the commercial/official versions 16.8%
  • yes, mostly the homebrew versions 13.7%

Clearly, the originals still appear to be ruling the earth, with the so-called homebrew versions being the least popular choice even (although the difference is marginal). While one couldn't draw rock hard conclusions from this, trying is always fun! Do people listen to BGM players in an MSX emulator? Do people listen to original recordings on YouTube? Or is it actually the KSS player that is so popular? Is the typical homebrew quality that abominable? Anyone who has the answer may give it a shot!

And with that, the all-new poll should be introduced. As you may recall, we've organized several challenges during the last decade; small ones, big ones. Who could forget about the classics from the Underwater Challenge, the Bouncy Challenge, the Mega Challenge? And what about the Scene Music Remake Challenges and more recently: the successful Tenliner Challenge? You can find all those entries in our freeware downloads section. We may be up to organize a new challenge at some point, it's to become a special y30r for MSX, after all!

Thinking of a challenge is not the easiest thing to do, and here's why. We're all getting older, with less time to spare. If we want lots of entries (and we all want lots of entries, don't we?), then we feel it's important to match the challenge carefully to the contenders' spare time. Are you all up for large team-like projects, such as a big 'n epic demo or an equally large-scale game? Do you highlight 2013 with a bang that will resound for years to come? Or, do you feel it's more practical to stick to small challenges? One-man challenges, entries that can be done in a weekend. The Tenliner contest proved that individuals are highly flexible in creating specs-limited entries (and some of them where quite stunning), while the large challenges proved that teams were up to impress us with scale.

We think this is the choice we'd like you to think about: a challenge with a limited scope that one MSX-user can make during the weekend (and do note that this does not implicate a small production in terms of specifications!), or a challenge for teams that will usually lead to large projects. And if, by any chance, you have a suggestion for either challenge: make yourself heard!

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