Happy 2012

Happy 2012

by snout on 11-01-2012, 12:28
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Wow, it's January 11th already and we haven't even looked back at the statistics of 2011. How time flies. For MSX Resource Center it was a very special year in many ways. We had a great party in Amsterdam with Event Eleven and closed the year with the launch of our brand new website, codename MRC 2k11. In the weeks that followed, we have been working hard on finetuning the site and taking all your feedback into consideration. In 2012, we plan to let the website gradually evolve with new features, improved functionality and usability and a finetuned layout. So, by all means, keep those suggestions coming!

The statistics also show that 2011 was a particularly good year for msx.org, showing an increase in about every possible way:

News posts: 378 (337)
Forum posts: 20.781 (15.813)
Reactions: 2.840 (2.342)
Page views: 2.380.059 (1.964.756)

The values in parentheses are the statistics of 2010. Another tradition is the mentioning of the most active MRC member (crew not included). And in the past 5 years it has also been a tradition that Manuel Bilderbeek topped these charts. In 2k11, the activity score is calculated with 2 points for every newspost, new forum topic, photoshoot and translation and 1 point for every reaction to news, forumtopics, photoshoots et cetera. And completely following our tradition,Manuel tops the charts once again! Here's the top 10:

  1. Manuel (894)
  2. ARTRAG (664)
  3. pitpan (535)
  4. Huey (507)
  5. odiseaMSX (430)
  6. sd_snatcher (395)
  7. Paulbrk (392)
  8. retrocanada76 (372)
  9. Dreamerm42 (333)
  10. hit9918 (312)

Our thanks go out to these 10 extremely active MRC visitors, but also to all the others who contributed to the MRC. In total, 698 members were active on the MSX Resource Center in 2011, which is slightly more than the 688 active members we had in 2010. 

We would also like to thank all the active MSX developers who keep bringing us new and surprising hardware, software, websites and magazines. Last, but certainly not least, we would like to thank all the people who have sent us a donation by bank or PayPal this year. As the MRC is growing and growing, so are the costs to keep the site online and in movement. Even with small donations, you helped (and are helping) to keep our site online. Respect! 

Finally we'd like to thank people who send in any news they've spotted or created. Our frontpage is the most prominent place to display such news, and search engines know where to find it too. If you think we missed a spot, or if you want your own MSX news in the spot light, don't hesitate and "hit the submit". 

From all of us here: cheers, and happy MSX'ing! And, just out of curiosity, why don't you tell us what your personal MSX highlight of 2011 was? 

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By Meits

Scribe (6437)

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12-01-2012, 06:32

My highlights in order of personal priority:
1. dIIsk (made)
2. DISK (made)
3. DisXmas (made)
4. MegaflashromSCC 512 (bought)
5. KUC (bought)

Let's see if 2012 will top this... I wonder...

By Jorito

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12-01-2012, 08:15

My highlights are already in the opening post, namely Event Eleven and the release of this site.

By edoz

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13-01-2012, 15:54

....... and the release of this site.

which is properly very cool!