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by Sander on 25-07-1997, 00:00
Topic: MRC
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Coming soon:The Official JBSoft Pages with- MSXView97 an image converter for windows95. From and to YJK, JPG, BMP, SC*, can also read GIF, TGA, PCX, DIB, RLE. Filters for smoothing, sharpening. Tools for adjusting brightness etc. Supports drag'n'drop, is clipboard client and can put your image directly on your desktop as a wallpaper, single or tiled.- AGE+ The MSX drawing tool for the PC. Everything you wanted. In the original version, rotating, filters, bmp and pcx support (with color reduction to 16 colors) scaling, interlaced images, 99 fonts (just plain vga-fonts, so you can add your own) brushes patterns etc. etc. etc.For more information go see the MSX Resource Center atwww.msx.orgThe Place To Be!