Sometimes, as an admin, you might be in doubt as for when a poll should be closed. This Konami platform shoot out was particularly exciting; at one moment The Maze of Galious was heading the poll, and at another moment The Treasure of Usas was. The latter game took a reasonably comfortable lead position for weeks, until we had collected 96 votes and both games were equal again. This balance repeated itself at the 98 mark. This situation of games circling around each other could probably go on forever, meaning that the end results are more or less related to the moment when the poll ends. As it's such a nice rounded figure, 100 votes was to be the end, with no F5 to continue, with indeed all the risks of ending up with a clean 50:50. So, after these 100 votes we ended up in a draw.

What more can be said about this? At least we know that The Maze of Galious has been voted Konami's best platform game on MSX1 and The Treasure of Usas has been voted Konami's best platform game on MSX2.

Enough with it. A number of polls ago we asked whether MSX game roms with extra custom chips (e.g. for sound, graphics) would be true MSX games or not. Somewhere among the poll reactions an interesting related subject popped up, and that's the topic for the new poll. Back in the days, Nishi was the architect of MSX. He decided that MSX was eventually to be integrated into your homes, operating the curtains, the microwave, the VCR, the CD player etc. MSX was a minimum standard with maximum expandability. And boy, have there been exotic expansions and ideas. Whether it was a robot arm or a Sony MSX in the MIR space station, compared to other 8-bit systems from our age, MSX was certainly a flexible beast.
But today? The commercial parties have long gone, the MSX scene makes her own hardware expansions, and even new MSX models every now and then. More interestingly, there's a tendency to not expand MSX in ways in which it would become too modern, too much like a PC or modern game console. An MSX with 24 bit colour, HD resolutions and more than enough speed somehow doesn't fit our ideas of what MSX should be. The new poll is about this contradiction. Today, who morally owns MSX? Is it still Nishi? Do his ideas and visions still make sense today and should we follow those footsteps closely? Or has MSX actually become our system, and is it completely up to us to decide about the contemporary philosophy of MSX?

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04-06-2012, 11:42

so it's a tie... alright! It took two polls just to figure that out. funny.