Let them know it's Christmas time

Let them know it's Christmas time

by ro on 25-12-2018, 06:00
Topic: MRC


It is Christmas time, time to reflect. And we like to take this opportunity to ask you for a little donation and keep MRC running for days to come. Send your money.

There's no way to deny it, this website doesn’t run on goodwill alone, and we actually could use some money to keep on running. And with x-mas around, what better time to address this? Running a huge website as this one takes more than just a couple of enthusiastic computer geeks spending precious time on coding, maintenance, writing and what have you.

MRC is about keeping in contact with friends who think alike, in the first place. Sharing thoughts on 8-bit craziness, getting delirious on retro or classic hardware and exploring yet new path ways. All in the name of MSX. That beloved system of ours. And MRC is just the humble host for all of this great stuff to share. We are all loyal users to the system. And that system needs more input. Resources are running low, so to speak. Keeping the website running on servers with visitors world wide, occupying spinning disks and fiber cable, is only possible when bills are getting paid.

Since it’s is x-mas time, why not press that donate button and help us out for a bit? Let's make it through to next x-mas, shall we?

Bless you and merry x-mas, the admin crew.
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  • Let them know it's Christmas time
  • Let them know it's Christmas time

Comments (6)

By Victor

Champion (499)

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25-12-2018, 21:27


Merry Xmas and thanks!!

By ToriHino

Paladin (730)

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26-12-2018, 00:07

Also done, have a merry christmas everyone

By TheKid

Paragon (1197)

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26-12-2018, 12:45

Merry x-mas dear msx fans.

By Manuel

Ascended (18233)

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26-12-2018, 22:54

If you like this site and can miss the money, consider a fixed monthly donation. Easy to set up (at least in the Netherlands) and helps to cover the bills in a long term matter.

By o.geerdink

Hero (585)

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27-12-2018, 08:20

Keep up the great work!!!! This site keeps msx alive (for me) and I use the music player a lot. The forum archive must never go offline and never be truncated!

btw if these bills are large i can sponsor hosting and domain, I have my own webservers @ amsix and am SIDN NL registrar. Then you could use the donations to hire me to make the site responsive (mobile). ;-)


Champion (390)

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01-01-2019, 22:32

MSX Forever....
Great Days everyone.