Lik-Sang closed down, Play-Asia new MRC affiliate

by snout on 24-10-2006, 19:20
Topic: MRC

For the second time in history, Hong Kong based game webshop Lik-Sang is forced to close its doors due to multiple lawsuits from Sony Europe. The High Court of London (England) has rendered Lik-Sang's sales of Sony PSP consoles, delivering Japanese consoles to Europe, unlawful.

In 2002 the website had to close down due to lawsuits with Sony and Microsoft after distributing modchips. Lik-Sang reopened its business in November 2002. Having been an affiliate since July 2003, MSX Resource Center is sad to see Lik-Sang go. We've found a new affiliate in Play-Asia, to which we will occasionally link in MSX related news topics. If you want to support the MSX Resource Center whilst getting yourself some new games or consoles, you might want to order them at Play-Asia following this link, which also appears on the right side of our website in the 'Affiliates' block. Thanks in advance!

Relevant link: Play-Asia

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By Samor

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24-10-2006, 19:56

Yeah, it's really sad to see Lik-Sang go.... I hope Play-Asia won't go the same way. I've bought products at both sites in the past.

By Sonic_aka_T

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24-10-2006, 23:31

The real pity is to see how ignorant and incompetent the courts seem to be when it comes to matters regarding 'copyright issues'. It's amazing how these companies can seem to muscle courts into rulings which clearly have no legal base at all. Sad

By LeandroCorreia

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25-10-2006, 17:19

Well, something is for sure... I won´t buy a PS3. Sad