MRC Bounce Challenge: 13th entry by Ricardo Bittencourt

by snout on 12-10-2004, 01:51
Topic: MRC
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Just before the official deadline Ricardo Bittencourt has submitted his contribution to the MRC Bounce Challenge: Revenge of the Boing Ball. In this turboR demo you can see a rotating ball bouncing against the edges of the screen. Indeed: this is the familiar Boing ball demo that supposedly sold many Amiga computers in the past. Now Ricardo Bittencourt has proven MSX can do it too. A next challenge awaits Ricardo. With a lot of optimiziation, this effect might very well be possible on MSX1. For now, the screen 2 demo needs the R800 to run at acceptable speed.

Due to several circumstances the deadline of the MRC Bounce Challenge has been extended to 03:00 CET. Groups that are still working on their entries can send their creations in before this deadline without geting a penalty. At 12:00 CET the MRC Bounce Challenge will be closed for good. Entries submitted between 03:00 and 12:00 CET will receive a penalty of 1 point for not making the deadline. Entries received after 12:00 CET will be added to the downloads database, but will not be judged by ANMA and can therefor not win prizes.

Relevant link: Revenge of the Boing Ball

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12-10-2004, 07:15

Step by step instructions to convert this demo from .ROM to .BIN:

LD A,(0F342H)
LD H,40H
CALL 0024H
LD HL,09017H
LD DE,04000H
LD BC,04000H
LD HL,(04002H)