MRC Bounce Challenge - first entry by Jonemaan

by Latok on 19-07-2004, 21:16
Topic: MRC
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This is a record. Within 24 hours after we started the MRC Bounce Challenge we received the first submission: Jone Jumpy. Its creator, Jonemaan, made this entry in MSX BASIC and it's a true oneliner! It should work on every MSX computer, although Jonemaan states this hasn't been tested.

We already received quite some positive reactions to this new challenge and are looking forward for future submissions. Keep in mind, the contest closes at October 11th, 2004. You can find a complete list of all the entries right here

Relevant link: Jone Jumpy

Comments (3)

By Manuel

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19-07-2004, 22:27

Great to see a first entry this soon, but one big hint I have to give you all as a physist: bounces do not involve SIN()! Bounces are parabolas! (Which are even much faster to compute!)

By hap

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20-07-2004, 03:05

I just tried, !much! faster indeed, how stupid of me not to think of it. Y=-ABS(SIN(X)) vs Y=X^2 ... having used sin this way was a sin Tongue

By Manuel

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01-08-2004, 00:31

So, how about a superfast updated entry? Smile