MRC Download Charts - September 2007

by snout on 01-10-2007, 01:24
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It's the first of the month, which means it's time for the MSX Downloads Charts - our monthly overview of which files from our freeware MSX downloads corner have been downloaded the most in the past month. As expected, the brand new release of SymbOS MSX did very well this month. wolf_'s brand new Metal Gear 2007 consumed most of our bandwith this month with a whopping 270 downloads in 27 days. Here's the complete MSX download charts of September 2007:

MSX downloads Top 10 - September 2007

  1. SymbOS MSX (81 downloads)
  2. Deltree (79 downloads)
  3. PCM Encoder (72 downloads)
  4. Rick Dangerous (40 downloads)
  5. SymbOS MSX drivers (33 downloads)
  6. 666 The Haunted House (29 downloads)
  7. Car II (29 downloads)
  8. ROM 1 (29 downloads)
  9. Blue Warrior (28 downloads)
  10. Bet your life (24 downloads)

MSX Related downloads Top 5 - September 2007

  1. Metal Gear 2007 (270 downloads)
  2. Metal Gear 1 (203 downloads)
  3. Kings Valley 2 (94 downloads)
  4. Aleste 2 area 1 (92 downloads)
  5. Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake introdemo (90 downloads)

For a Top 25 of overall download statistics please have a look to our statistics page. Currently, our database contains 862 freeware MSX downloads. If you'd like to share your productions with the MSX community, send them to Happy downloading!

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Comments (3)

By snout

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01-10-2007, 01:25

Personally I fail to see why Majikazo Disco Music Arrangement didn't make it into the charts. Awesome track. Leach it! :P


Enlighted (6831)

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01-10-2007, 08:15

Accordingly to the chart we should have PCM samples in all the new
msx games and demos under development in the next 20 years


By Huey

Prophet (2687)

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02-10-2007, 16:10

Perhaps the steady downloadcount for PCM encoder has something to do with Wikipedia mentioning it. Wink