MRC joins Amazon and Animenation affiliates programs

by snout on 16-08-2003, 01:50
Topic: MRC

After teaming up with Lik-Sang a few weeks ago, the MSX Resource Center has decided to become an associate of Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon FR and Animenation as well. This allows us to redirect to one or more webshops where products we report about can be bought. The extra funds gained willl help us keeping the site online for the coming years without adding banners or pop-ups.

Apart from videogames and soundtracks Amazon also sells books, cd's, DVDs and more. If you are to order products at Amazon or Animenation, please consider visiting the website from one of these links. This way you will donate money to the MRC, without paying more money than you would usually do.

Relevant link: MRC Affiliates

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By msxgamesbox

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16-08-2003, 09:34

I gladly would do but most stuff I buy on Amazon FR...

By anonymous

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16-08-2003, 11:08

Both Amazon links on the affiliates program don't seem to work.

By Sander

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16-08-2003, 11:27

Adding to our Affiliates list won't be much of a problem. We will look into this. The links have been fixed. You can start ordering now Wink

By Ivan

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16-08-2003, 11:49

Sometimes I buy books and CDs from Amazon US and Amazon UK. From now on I will buy them through the MRC.

I suppose that you'll put a "MRC affiliates" section in the resources section (frontpage).

By ro

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16-08-2003, 12:49

remove the comma from the link in amazon please... (www[,]amazon)

By snout

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16-08-2003, 14:54

Link to Amazon FR added Smile