MSX expenses poll closed, merchandise poll up

by snout on 18-07-2006, 15:55
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On May 4th we started a poll asking you how much money you spent on MSX since 1983. Now, after more than 400 votes the time has come to close this poll down and start the new one. The results of the poll are:

  1. More than 4,000.- euro (17.00%)
  2. Between 1,000.- and 1,999.- euro (16.75%)
  3. Between 2,000.- and 3,999.- euro (14.29%)
  4. Between 500.- and 999.- euro (13.30%)
  5. Nothing at all (11.58%)
  6. Between 250.- and 499.- euro (10.10%)
  7. Between 1.- and 99.- euro (9.36%)
  8. Between 100.- and 249.- euro (7.62%)

In total we received 406 votes to this poll. These 406 posters have at least spent a grand total of € 500,388.- on MSX, averaging (again, at least) € 1,232.- per person.

In our next poll, we are wondering what kind of MSX merchandise you would like to see produced. The results of this poll might result in the MRC actually producing the winner(s), so vote with care. If you have any suggestions for merchandise not listed in the poll, please suggest them as a reaction to this newspost. Happy voting!

Relevant link: How much money did you spend on MSX since 1983? - results

Comments (6)

By snout

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18-07-2006, 16:00

Added the last two options for the poll on request Wink

By Ivan

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19-07-2006, 19:49

Keychains last forever! I vote for keychains (and mugs) Smile

By arnold_m

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19-07-2006, 20:09

Expenses, merchandise; is it just me or has the mrc become obsessed by money?

By snout

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19-07-2006, 20:29

Hmmm... no... we've always been this way! Tongue Either way, post your poll suggestions right here and your suggestion might be up next!

By boblet

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20-07-2006, 11:06

*cough* hahaha LOL!

By Tanni

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24-07-2006, 14:43

I like to see produced the most important item you forgot in your list: the OCM!