MSX festival poll closed, Language poll up!

by snout on 04-03-2003, 17:15
Topic: MRC
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In about 2 weeks, we received 224 votes in our poll related to the MSX Festival. We'd like to thank the MRC regulars for giving their opinions once again.

On the MSX Festival (more information about that festival can be found here) several new products were introduced to the MSX Community. Of the new products introduced, the MRC visitors are mostly interested in MSXPLAYer for PDA's and in the new USB ROM cartridge reader (a discussion on this device can be found in our MSX Forum, see this topic). The full results:

  • 1. MSXPLAYer for PDA's (23.21% of all votes)
  • 2. USB ROM Cartridge reader (20.09%)
  • 3. MSX Joystick port -> USB adapter (14.29%)
  • 4. MSXPLAYer for mobile phones (13.84%)
  • 5. MSX BASIC for Robo-education (12.95%)
  • 6. MSXPLAYer for Mac OS-X (10.27%)
  • 7. Merchandizing (5.29%)

All in all, 47.32% of the voters think new versions/ports of MSXPLAYer are more interesting than other recent revival developments.

THe new poll is related to the future of MSX Resource Center. We are planning to add more functionality to our site and one of the options is to offer our news (and perhaps even our news archive) in languages other than English. We'd like you to tell us what language you'd prefer the most. Of course we need the help of other people to accomplish this and other future developments. If you think you can help the MRC by becoming a content manager, a moderator and/or a translator, don't hesitate to fill in the join our team form. Happy voting!!

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By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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08-03-2003, 00:26

The language poll seems to have been fouled up by some french guy. From one day to the other 99 votes more!

By snout

Ascended (15184)

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11-03-2003, 21:39

fixed it