MSX links section - cleanup

by snout on 10-04-2006, 00:09
Topic: MRC

We have just finished cleaning up our MSX links section, updating links to websites that have been moved to their new addressses and removing links to websites that are unfortunately no longer on-line. As of now, the MRC links database contains 243 links to active MSX (related) websites around the world. If you have a website (or know an MSX website) that is not yet listed in our links section, please log in to your acccount and add your link right here.

Relevant link: MSX links section

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Paladin (1012)

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10-04-2006, 15:43

A bit weird thatd most of the DUTCH msx developpers are dropped in the english section Tongue

By snout

Ascended (15187)

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10-04-2006, 15:48

sites are indexed by language, not by location.

By Gilneas2

Master (236)

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10-04-2006, 19:26

It might be a good idea to put the old and no longer valid links in a trash section, instead of deleting them. Because a) one day they may become valid again (domain name expired) and 2) if a site might prove to be very valuable to someone, they could view the site in a "back-in-time" machine/archive, example.

By tfh

Paragon (1731)

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10-04-2017, 22:00

Maybe it would be an idea to have another look at this section ;-)

By Hydragon

Paladin (681)

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11-04-2017, 02:22

tfh wrote:

Maybe it would be an idea to have another look at this section ;-)

I didn't even added this section on the website, when it came back online, just to avoid this kind of problem.