MSX Resource Center forums regrouped

by snout on 10-02-2003, 22:15
Topic: MRC

Since we launched our new site on December 18th 2002, many things changed. As we were hoping, more and more people started to use the new and improved functionality of our site. Especially the forum drew a lot of attention. Within a very short timespan, more than 1400 posts were made on our forum. To keep things clear, we decided to add a few forums. From now on you will also be able to post in the Fairs & Meetings. the Emulation and the MSX Related forum.

There were already forums on Hardware, Software, the MSX Revival, development and Trading. Also, there is a place for General discussions, an off-topic section where you can introduce yourself or to talk about things that have nothing to do with MSX at all in the Social talk section. To top it off, we have created a special place for all the people who want to suggest new features, or report bugs, on the current MSX Resource Center site right here

Basically, we're inviting you all to have a look in our new improved forum. Feel free to join in on the discussions, or to start a new topic at any time. By the way, we are looking for people who'd like to moderate in our forums, or who want to join our team in general. Please fill in this form if you're interested.

Relevant link: The MSX Resource Center forum