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by viejo_archivero on 27-11-2007, 20:57
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There's little over a month left for the deadline of MSXdev'07. The organization has provided a general news update, stating the following:

  • The prize for the best game has been chosen: a Sunrise Compact Flash Interface and €200 for the best MSXdev'07 game selected by the official jury. The prize has been obtained due to donations from the MSXdev team itself and kind donations from A. Lammertsma. The organizers are already thinking about the main prize for upcoming editions of the contests, and they are considering Paypal donations from MSX users as a means of obtaining a nice prize for MSXdev winners yet to come. If you are an MSXdev fan and want to help the organizers with a donation, you can contact them through their website.
  • Konamito, from the Spanish website has made a photo of his donated T-Shirt. This special prize will be awarded for the best shooter this year.
  • Daniel Vik has sent the game cover and the instruction manual of his entry Yathzee, making the entry complete.
  • Karoshi Corporation has just updated their MSXdev'06 entry Malaika Prehistoric Quest with another final revision (r3) in which a few glitches have been fixed.
  • The New Image has updated their MSXdev'06 entry Pointless Platform too. This time the update comes in the shape of an IPS patch which can be downloaded right now from the ever growing MSX IPS Archive. MRC has reported about this last week.

The MSXdev'07 contest is about to enter its final phase, in which lots of surprise entries and highly anticipated entries are about to be released. In the past years, lots of free games emerged from this contest, which gems will this year bring?

Relevant link: MSXdev website

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Enlighted (6935)

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27-11-2007, 21:04

Sadly there is no point for me in joining to this competition, as
I bought a CF reader just two weeks ago.
We will submit our game to the next competition.

By Huey

Prophet (2694)

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28-11-2007, 10:52

Wouldn't be better to define the proces on other categories than shooter etc?

I'd like to see a price for the most inovative game (technical or gameplay wise) instead of addressing the usual game genres.
This category can be won by all types of entries (small or large, asm or basic)

Anyway.. The 200 euros are a nice prize.

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (10109)

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28-11-2007, 11:49

Did XL2s get their tR from '05 already? Tongue

(oh, and, *hum*, what about another certain specific shooterprize from '05? Tongue)