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by snout on 31-01-2007, 23:07
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The MSXdev team have published the results of the 2006 MSXdev competition, in which no less than 19 great MSX1 games were released. With 77 points, Nerlaska's impressive RPG Monster Hunter has won the first prize, closely followed by Karoshi's platform game Malaika - Prehistoric quest and a shared third place between Imanok's Traffic Jam and Daniel Vik and Vincent van Dam's puzzler Sudoku. The MSXdev jury consisted out of three members:

Their hard task was to divide a maximum of 99 points to each game. For the complete results - including motivation of the jury - you can head over to the MSXdev'06 status page.

Relevant link: MSXdev website

Comments (20)

By wolf_

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31-01-2007, 23:11

Running Naked in a Field of Flowers Running Naked in a Field of Flowers Running Naked in a Field of Flowers Running Naked in a Field of Flowers Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

And congrats to the dev team for yet another entertaining year!

(but now the dev7 specs please Big smile)

By ro

Scribe (4867)

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01-02-2007, 08:34

hurray for boobies! And for the expected winner of this year. Monster Hunter just steels the show.
(just like UU and TheCure last year!)

There were many pt3 songs this year, along with a lot of ripped gfx and sfx (hey, yer talking to the sfx meister here, all your sfx are belong to us). 19 entries, and 19 totally different ones. Really good dev this year.


By Huey

Prophet (2694)

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01-02-2007, 08:34

So no penalties for using others PT3 songs? Hm.

By Haohmaru

Paladin (774)

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01-02-2007, 11:36


* ponders capital punishment for ripping in MSXdev'07 *


By snout

Ascended (15187)

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01-02-2007, 13:09

Congratulations to Nerlaska for winning the competition! Are we going to see more Nerlaska MSX releases in the future? Smile


Enlighted (6915)

ARTRAG's picture

01-02-2007, 13:25

My greetings to Nerlaska!!
I quite agree with the this first place!!
Is this game (or an extended version) going to become also a true cartridge?

By pitpan

Prophet (3153)

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01-02-2007, 13:35

Please read again the results of MSXdev'06 and complete the newspost: on the third place there is draw between SUDOKU and TRAFFIC JAM. Imanok should be also credited.


By snout

Ascended (15187)

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01-02-2007, 13:44

thx for pointing that out Pitpan. Updated the newspost!

By hap

Paragon (2042)

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01-02-2007, 18:09

Congrats all!
Nerlaska: treat that Turbo-R well Tongue

By Huey

Prophet (2694)

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01-02-2007, 20:02

Aside from my remark. I really like to thank everyone for participating.

Respect guys!Hannibal

By poke-1,170

Paragon (1782)

poke-1,170's picture

01-02-2007, 21:10

great graphics indeed, reminds me a little of secret of mana at times.
Cute characters overall.
Couldn't get SCC working though for some reason, but indeed the PSG stuff is
quite lovely Smile nice one lads !

By Unicorn

Master (138)

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01-02-2007, 21:57

Congrats to all! Now I gonna play that stuff and see if the judges were right! Big smile

By LeandroCorreia

Paladin (957)

LeandroCorreia's picture

02-02-2007, 03:21

IMHO results were quite fair. A impressive compo. Most games are very well done. I wonder if we'll still see the other games that were not ready in time...

...and I also wonder what this year's compo will show. Wink

By jltursan

Prophet (2619)

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02-02-2007, 10:14

New rules?Smile

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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02-02-2007, 17:58

jltursan, forget rules...

new games?Tongue

By Ivan

Ascended (9333)

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02-02-2007, 19:21

Another successful edition of the MSXdev contest! Smile

I read that Nerlaska plans to release a revised version of Monster Hunter in Shockware. I will buy it.

By Edwin

Paragon (1182)

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02-02-2007, 23:27

Good judging report. Some surprising results. Mainly because originality seems to have affected the result quite a bit here and there. But the top games were very well deserved. I was quite surprised to see rnff so far up there though. Especially with the level 12 bug in there. We will have that fixed. We won't be adding any features though, since it was never meant to be an extensive and polished game.

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (10076)

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02-02-2007, 23:35

level 12 prevented ppl from seeing the other bugs after level 12 Cool

By dvik

Prophet (2200)

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03-02-2007, 19:05

I suppose noone has reached the extra level in Sudoku yet?

By Manuel

Ascended (19227)

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04-02-2007, 15:47