New forum online!!!

by Grauw on 02-09-2001, 22:28
Topic: MRC

Now you probably think: I have seen messages about this. Yes, it's true, I confess, we have had our share of fora. But this time, it will be the last time we switch, because we now have our own forum online!!! I think I can take the credit for that, thank you, thank you... Smile

Anyways, we programmed this forum ourselves, from scratch, and it is located on our own server, so there are several advantages to that. First of all, the forum is now fully adapted to's layout, and we can modify everything we want to let it fit our and your needs. For example, you don't need to seperately login anymore. The forum uses the same database as all the rest of, and you can expect some more advantages of that in the future. The news and the forum will be merged, for example, and (teaser) the forum will be fully interactive with all the rest of's upcoming new layout.

So take advantage of this cool new and improved meeting point for MSX freaks and start posting like hell!!!