New: MSX Fair List

by Grauw on 11-09-2001, 15:51
Topic: MRC

Hi! Obviously, I have too much spare time. Besides the new forum last week we now also have the MSX Fair List! It features a participants list and an online registration feature for all fair organizations. our dedicated team will make sure it's updated. So if you want to see what fairs are organized and when they will be, or if you organize a fair yourself, check it out!Also, another thing, the submission of links didn't work for some time. I can't believe no-one has mailed us about that! If something doesn't work, and it's not too obvious (if the frontpage doesn't work, don't worry, we'll notice ), please let us know. Anyways, now it's up and running again.

If your URL has changed or your link isn't listed at yet, please feel free to add or edit it to our database.