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by ro on 03-08-2019, 17:45
Topic: MRC

Although we wanna keep you up to speed with all MSX related news, some stories just didn't make it to the front page of MRC. That doesn't mean we want to keep those from you. So, here you go.. the news of yesterday.

20190114 Tabajara-Labs - Tabajara Labs repaired and modded his FS-A1 GT MSX turbo R computer
20190115 mtini - Rygar, the legendary arcade game was converted from ZX Spectrum to MSX.
20190117 announced by The Unicode Consortium - 214 characters from Teletext and legacy computers such as our own MSX, but also Atari, Amstrad CPC and TRS-80, which were proposed by the “Terminals Working Group” in L2/19-025 were recently accepted at UTC158 for a future version of Unicode
20190316 Interview from 2017 with Ronald Pieket Weeserik from Aackosoft. Known for games like Skooter, Hard Boiled, Hype, Snake-it and Fuzzball.
20190604 APMSX is a real Z80 8bits computer.
20190705 Amiga MOD background replayer for MSX

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By Manuel

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03-08-2019, 22:05 actually contains the MSX character set! Too bad it says that SVI-328 is an example of an MSX...

By rderooy

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08-08-2019, 11:35

Manuel wrote: actually contains the MSX character set! Too bad it says that SVI-328 is an example of an MSX...

Also, they only seem to consider the MSX International character set...

By Grauw

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08-08-2019, 12:05

That’s cool! When it comes to symbols it is always a bit of a challenge to find matching Unicode code points of MSX characters. Hopefully they did a thorough job with this and we can now have a complete mapping. So then with these additions, what’s the official unicode mapping of the international MSX character set?

@rderooy Are there any graphical symbols in other character sets which aren’t in the international set?

By rderooy

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08-08-2019, 17:51

@Grauw. I'm not sure, but I think at least the Korean set requires you to combine 2 or 3 characters to get a Hangul symbol? Not sure how this could be easily mapped, assuming unicode has the letters themselves. Also, how about the Arabic MSX character set? Does it have the same issue as Korean in that it takes multiple characters to get the equivalent of a Arabic letter (I'm a complete noob on Arabic, I know it's right-to-left but that is where things end...)?