On January 25th, 2005 we started the finale of the megapoll in search for what our visitors consider to be the most important MSX news of 2004. After a bit more than a month of voting and 95 votes, we have a winner: the announcement of ObsoNET: ethernet for MSX was voted most important MSX news of 2004. Here are the full results to the poll:

  1. ObsoNET: ethernet for MSX (36.84%)
  2. ASCII and MSX Association demonstrate One Chip MSX1 at PLD World 2004 (34.74%)
  3. Dungeons and Dragons - Release on MSXJaú 2004 (15.79%)
  4. Bombaman - Finished (12.63%)

Our new poll is related to the MSX Emulator Comparison, which was updated earlier today. We would like to know what you think is your favorite emulator of the 12 different MSX emulators we put to the test. Back in 2002, a similar poll gave us these results. Happy voting!

Relevant link: Which is the most important MSX news of 2004 - results