Jonemaan has sent us the tenth entry to the MRC Oneliner Challenge. The oneliner, called 22 years ago, A. Koene would have been proud of this, is a complete yet simple drawing utiliy. Yes, it can be done. Just use your joystick or cursor keys to move the pointer, space/trigger to paint and no space/trigger to erase. Enjoy!

The MRC Oneliner Challenge is an MSX-BASIC development contest in which a developer can create a game, demo, song or utility in only one line of BASIC. The winner will be rewarded with a special 3-in-1 MSX pen. Please send your one line MSX-BASIC entries to before September 28th, 23:59 CET if you want to join the challenge.

Relevant link: 22 years ago, A. Koene would have been proud of this

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By poke-1,170

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30-08-2005, 02:40

msx designer Big smile

By Leo

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31-08-2005, 14:56

does '10 BLOAD "DEMO.BIN",R' counts as one line also ? Cool

By Samor

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31-08-2005, 18:20

only as a "File not found" generator

By Yukio

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02-09-2005, 05:33

Interesting .Smile