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by snout on 16-02-2003, 14:38
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With a clear result and more than 300 votes in a short timespan, it's time to move on to another poll already. We asked the visitors of MSX.org to share their age with us, here's the results after 321 votes:

  • 9,03% of our visitors is younger than 19 years. They were born after the birth of the MSX standard
  • 24,61% of our visitors is aged 20 - 24. Which means they were quite young in the commercial time of MSX computers. Probably a lot of these people grew up with MSX.
  • The most people visiting our website - no less than 43,30% -are aged 25 - 30. It's likely they spent a lot of time playing Konami games when they should actually have been doing their homework.
  • The next group of people who had just started working or going to college is well represented also. 14,64% of our visitors are aged 31-40
  • Now the people who must have been already active with computers while most people never had even seen one follow. 4,63% of our visitors are aged 41 - 50, 4,05% are older than 50.

We are very pleased to see so many generations not forgetting MSX. Thanks go to GuyveR800 to suggest this poll in our MSX Forum. If you'd like to submit a poll as well, go to this topic and submit your suggestion. Some of the polls suggested in this thread are already waiting to be published, but this time we chose to link our poll to the latest news again.

The next poll is related to the MSX Festival held by ASCII, on which we reported several times before. Maybe you'd like to read these reports before you submit your answer. Go here to read the latest MSX Revival news and thus - currently - the MSX Festival reports. Happy voting!

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By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (109)

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16-02-2003, 15:57

Thanks Smile It's a very interesting result. I'm particularly fascinated with the almost 10% which are younger than 19. When they were old enough to start with computers even de hobbyist MSX scene had peaked already. It's a show of MSX's power that they did not stick with just PC's (although I expect many of them to use emulators).
It will be interesting to see how many of them become developers! In any case, #msxdev will offer any new developer support.

By konamiman

Paragon (1050)

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16-02-2003, 18:29

> It's likely they spent a lot of time playing Konami games when they should actually have been doing their homework.

Wow! This is my exact description!! X-D

Well, actually, I used to do my homework very fast, in order to have time to play my Konamis 8-) And when in the university, the same, but change "play Konamis" for "develop Nestorware". Now I started to work and... oh, damn, I can't "work fast"!!

By Leo

Paragon (1236)

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16-02-2003, 22:13

Yeah, I had almost forgotten but now I remember playing instead doing my homework , I remember few times starting my homework after midnight coz i was beating my record on nemesis. I once let the computer on 2 days in a row with 'paused' game ... old times Smile