SCUMM poll down, ten years poll up

by wolf_ on 15-08-2008, 21:47
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We're quite halfway the month again, high time to change the poll! Prior to presenting the new poll, let's have a look at the outcome of the SCUMM poll from July/August. What would be the odds a SCUMM-styled game or even a real SCUMM engine would be available on MSX? After 771 votes, here is the result:

  1. Yes 50.19%
  2. No 49.81%

Well, it's practically 50/50, give or take a few users. Quite remarkable that after the discussion (in which the technical and creative aspects of such a development were seen as barely doable) still half the voters thinks that one day we may well see these games on MSX, games that got so popular on other systems. Time for a new poll, quickly, before Tentacles are taking over and evil demonic skulls claim admin-rights upon which we're all doomed!

What will our MSX-scene look like, ten years from now? Will the offspring of some of our users have become true MSX'ians? Will you still have time for MSX'ing or does your mother-in-law forbid it (as well as forbidding other pleasures in your life)? Will we have faded away, or .. will things be just exactly like they are today? You tell us!

If you have an idea for a interesting poll, send your idea to and we will consider running your suggestion for a month.

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By wolf_

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16-08-2008, 11:25 Muhahaha!

By AuroraMSX

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16-08-2008, 14:13"... TAKE ON THE WORLD!!"

By hbarcellos

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25-08-2008, 12:03

Maybe ICON games can release a full SCUMMVM for MSX 1...