SHRT NWS Jan-Feb 2022

SHRT NWS Jan-Feb 2022

by MSX Resource Center on 28-02-2022, 08:29
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While MSX Resource Center is all about bringing you MSX and related news, we don't always make space on the front page for that. For every piece of news that didn't make it, we keep track of it in the nuts and bits news post right here. Here it is, the news you might have missed.

Short news January-February 2022

New V9990 interface from Spain
Z80Workshop from Spain announced the developing a new V9990 device, perhaps mr. Nishi is interested too.

MADLIB - VGM music library - Commodore 64 (FM-YAM) by Mr.Mouse
MRC user Mr.Mouse dropped his music player MadLib for the C64 with FM extension FM-YAM. Peeking at the video will reveal familiar sounds. The player even includes tracks from MSX games F-1 Spirit 3D Special, Undeadline, and Mr Ghost. The FAC will prolly sue us for mentioning this.

Examples of V9990 in Japan
Whether or not the V9990 will be used in the rumored MSX3, there seems to be a lot of interest in the V9990 in Japan.
Tiny Yarou has created a demo program for the V9990 that mimics Xevious, and has released a video - a test of drawing everything on a bitmap screen without using PCG, sprites, or scrolling functions on MSX(Z80) + V9990.
He has also created other demo program videos, including: Space Harrier(SMS ver.) on an MSX + V9990, DARIUS Tech Demo for MSX + V9990

Retro Magazine World #12 (EN) - Jan22
Issue #12-jan22 of the free digital English magazine from RetroMAgazine in now available for download. This mag is crammed with retro-computer information on many systems we know and love.

MSX variation on Montezuma's Revenge - test levels.
MRC user siudym posted in our forum about his Montezuma's Revenge MSX and SG-100 remakes. Including ROM and video-footage.

Retro Magazine #35 (IT) - feb22
The Italian online Retro Magazine issue 35 is now free available for download.

Commodore, Amiga, Atari en MSX Clubdag - Apr16 2022 Netherlands
A club fair for retro computers in the Netherlands. Web-site

BitLogic and Hans' Adventure released for free download
JamQue, one of the founders of ThePetsMode, has published free ROM downloads of his Hans' Adventure and Bitlogic games.