SMRC2 - #6: Mirror Scroll 2

by wolf_ on 13-01-2008, 17:03
Topic: MRC
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From VJ, chiptune- and electronic-music encyclopedia poke-1,170 comes the sixth entry for the second edition of the Scene Music Remake Challenge: Mirror Scroll 2. The original song is from BDD from Impact, and was once used in their last demo The Ant.

As for poke's motivation: this song triggered his interest in the MSX demo scene when he was making an Airwaves MSX special. He wasn't aware of any MSX demos, and he was surprised about what could be done with the several sound extensions. Plus, it's a catchy Italo/Laserdance styled tune, so he thought he'd use some of the original sounds and bass lines, and do a different interpretation of it like that.

The software poke has used for his production: Renoise 1.9.0, FM7, Polysix, Freddy Groen's MMP for some SCC samples, BlueMSX, and finally good-old Moonblaster to sample some channels and samples from.

Relevant link: Mirror Scroll 2

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By Sonic_aka_T

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13-01-2008, 19:44

Yay for poke! Smile (gotta love that snaredrum!)

By Latok

msx guru (3575)

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13-01-2008, 20:27

Soooooooooo refreshing Big smile Winner!

O, and uhm.... I think a chiptune band called 'MSX' should emerge ^_^ This weekend, I went to Eurosonic and again, in Simplon, I saw an enthusiastic crowd responding to 8bit inspired tunes! Slagsmalsklubben

By poke-1,170

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13-01-2008, 20:47

aaaaah shit, I didn't know they played at eurosonic :S
sigh Tongue well better luck next time.

By Latok

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13-01-2008, 21:34

They even played twice. Thursday- and fridaynight Smile

By shaiwa

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14-01-2008, 11:17

Nice, like the retro instruments.

By Huey

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14-01-2008, 21:15

Superb!Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

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