Strange days

Strange days

by hamlet on 19-03-2020, 11:42
Topic: MRC

A lot of turmoil goes through our continent.
Some of us are living in fear and panic, and certainly friends and relatives are also affected by the pandemic.
How are you?
Who can work from home?
Are you in need for help?
Is there time for our beloved MSX?
Here is room to communicate.

Take care of yourself!

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By Mafcase

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19-03-2020, 12:17

Nice initiative!

By mohai

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19-03-2020, 12:33

Hello from Madrid, Spain,

Weird days, certainly.
Luckily, all my relatives are safe and sound, with no symptoms by now.
We are confined at home with only free to go out to buy basic supplies.
Shops, shopping malls, sport centers, parks, thaters, etc, are to be kempt closed. Only food and basic supplies shops are alowed to be open.
Crazyness in shops only was first days of confinement. Most people bought a lot of food (an other items) like there was no tomorrow. They bought a lot of toilet paper. Most shops got out of stock ! oO Big smile Big smile
Hopefully, the situation at shops
Police and army are working to keep people at home, only alowing to get out for basic supplies, walk the dogs, go to work (if you cannot tele-work) or go help elder people.
Strong penalties can be applied if the rule is not respected.

My situation is special: I work as a communications field engineer. I am alowed to work from home and only attend emergency interventions but, I am in hollidays actually, so I am having the weirdest hollidays ever. Sad

As I am having quite some spare time, I am giving a bump an old project for MSX.

Take care and stay at home ! Smile

By defdanny

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19-03-2020, 12:34

Hi hamlet, hi all MSX fans,
I am working complety in Home Office for the second week now.
This week, my company sent 10.000 employees to H.O., the infrastructure (VPN, Skype from private PCs, remote tools) was upscaled and works stable. From time to time I am playing around with Arcos Tracker to create some PSG-tracks... hope to present them here soon.
Stay healthy!

By mtn

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19-03-2020, 13:38

Hello from Norway

Indeed its strange days. Here everything except shops are closed. Most people work from home, and most people stay indoors.
Me and my dog is doing just fine, I have alot of food & beer stored, and Im working on a few projects, not MSX related however. Im trying to get a pinball machine up and running again. There will be time for MSX'ing later on, I have a huge "todo list" in that regard.

By KdL

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19-03-2020, 13:54

I have been locked up at home since 9th March and live alone. For the moment I'm fine.
Unfortunately, work has stopped and my economic situation will soon be even more worrying.
I wish everyone luck!

By Grauw

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19-03-2020, 14:28

Last week I went on a ski trip to the French Alps, just in time before it closed Smile. Now working from home as well, a bit of getting used to again but settling in. A benefit is that I don’t have the two hours commute every day. Things are much quieter outside and most public activities have stopped, but luckily we’re not under a complete lock-down.

By Mumbly

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19-03-2020, 14:58

I have also 2 hours of commuting from home to work, this time is replaced by teaching math to my children (school are closed and we don't know how they will manage exams) working from home is weird but I'm okay with that: I have more time to develop MSX stuffs Smile
Hope everybody are ok


Resident (39)

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19-03-2020, 15:11

Thank you, Hamlet, for opening up this very important thread!

Hello everyone. I live in the USA, in Michigan. In my day job I am the CTO of the only organization in the country that manages a network of medications exchange between independent pharmacies. This crisis overnight elevated us from a simple company to a very important player in the attempt of maintaining the supply of medication across the country afloat. It put me to work very closely with the FDA, the CDC, and other Governmental agencies because we have experience with the required networks and systems that support the distribution of medication operations. I am saying all that because this proximity with the global taskforce gives me access to a few somewhat privileged information beyond what the news is bringing up to us, and believe me when I say we do not have easy times ahead of us. This may be just the beginning!

I am truly concerned about my family and friends around the world, which is the reason why I am writing in this thread. I urge everyone to take all possible measures to stay isolated, safe and protected. The real concern for the following months is that the virus may be only the first wave of problems. If we don't manage to control it, the possibility of social collapse is very real. It can make life much harder than it is now. It all starts with the economy failing, then the supply-chain in general, which, ultimately, affects everyone like a tsunami. If it comes to happen, that will be when this situation will truly hit us hard!

I know no one wants to hear that, and I do not want to say all that, but it is time for a reality check and if any of you are not believing in the seriousness of this situation you are simply amplifying your own risks. Please, call me crazy and hate me but take precautions and measures to stay safe and healthy. That is the most important thing we all can do at this point. And, just in case, prepare yourself for the worse. If nothing happens, we can laugh later and build the most amazing MSX game that will beat SD Snatcher by the mile. On the other hand, if we have to stand strong for a while and hard times come upon us, we will be prepared and have better chance to prevail so we can reconvene in a near future and exchange our stories of superation, and then we can build multiple MSX games about our own adventures.

But, until we have moved beyond this crisis, take this situation with the seriousness it deserves. And, if MSX helps, let's make usage of it to its limits!

I love you all because we all love MSX!

By Chadwick

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19-03-2020, 15:51

I live in Pennsylvania, USA, and work for a pharma company out of New Jersey. We have been at home since Monday and it make things a little more difficult as i prefer face to face meetings and interaction. For the most part things are still moving along. Our company is trying to come up with a few solutions to the covid situation so we'll see how that pans out. I appreciate MSX-ALL's post ( i can probably guess who he works for) and can also echo some of the things i am seeing pointing towards this probably lasting a little bit longer than anyone probably thinks right now. I've been told by my leadership to be ready to be home for a month. I think it everyone generally stays calm and stops panic buying things like toilet paper we'll be generally fine.

I am stuck at home with two young ones and find it hard to concentrate with the constant ruckus going on in the background but i'll manage. I hope everyone here is doing well and i wish you all the best.

By meits

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19-03-2020, 16:56

Somehow luckily for me nothing much changes. The wife and I were already sick at home for several years due to massive burnouts, so we're used to be around each other 24/7. But the whole global "weird" affects me quite a lot. I do hope to reverse that weird energy into something creative. For the last several months I'm working on just one track which needs to be finished.
Meanwhile we just moved to a new house on our old address so there's a lot to be done there. Keeps me distracted from all the crazy.
Hopefully it'll be over asap and very much hopefully without too many losses. On top of that do I hope that the possible suffering of each and everybody will be bearable in the sense of health and economics.

By Manel46

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19-03-2020, 17:11

For me, the worst thing is not being able to see my children and grandchildren.
Some video conferencing alleviates this.
We encourage everyone!

By hamlet

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19-03-2020, 17:30

I can understand that very well. My mother came to visit us briefly today and it was very difficult to give up the usual hugs and keep the distance. What a strange feeling. I work with over 140 people at risk, so it is not easy for me to draw boundaries here. But it is absolutely necessary.

By ducasp

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19-03-2020, 18:29

I've been working at home / doing home office for about one year, since my previous employer let me go along with a few 100s due to the anual cost savings (I've endured 12 of those cost savings workforce reduction). The new employer / job only requires I go to the office a few times during the year to supply a few components that are customized for each customer / project or if there is a training / meeting (which has not been scheduled since COVID-19 started to spread in China).

I'm really grateful for that, and that this new employer is really caring about their workforce as a family. They have acted very early on closing offices in regions that started the pandemic and to offer home office for those that do not usually home office, they are being generous on offering also help with two weeks of no questions asked paid license for anyone that might need go to the office (in a area that circulation is still allowed) to work but need to stay at home to care for children or relatives that can't leave home, which is quite unlike the previous employer attitude.

In regards to Brazil, most specifically Sao Paulo (that is the largest city and economical center of Brazil), well, it is a mixed bag... While the city certainly has much less people on the streets, still there are several business open (street stores, shopping malls have decided to close) and lots of people that shouldn't be on the streets walking around, elderly people are being stubborn even though they are in the risky group. I believe we are still at the early beginning of what you guys are facing in Europe, hopefuly people and government/authorities will start to act sooner than later. I do not know anyone that has been infect, but my wife has a customer that her daughter had contact to co-worker that tested positive for COVID-19, at my house we are all doing our best staying at home the most we can and avoiding leaving unless needed (mostly for food/supplies).

By RobertVroemisse

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19-03-2020, 19:53

I am already working from home so nothing new in that department. I can't really say my life has changed really a lot since the corona virus but because we (people living in the Netherlands) are somewhat urged to stay at home I have lots of time to work on our upcoming game. So only happy faces here for now Wink

By wolf_

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19-03-2020, 19:55

Working from home. Couldn't be better! No rushing in the morning, I save at least 40 minutes worth of traffic a day. Have my own speakers on full volume, and no talking colleagues next to me. Hannibal

I'm still working on remakes 'n such, not as much as I'd like to. I bought another pc in january, which does nothing but playback of virtual instruments, operated over the network, and viewed over a remote desktop. Meaning I now have two 32gb machines to bow the strings, hit the kettles and toot the toots, while the new pc can still be expanded to have more memory.

By tfh

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19-03-2020, 20:06

Also quite a strange situation here. We're at home with the 4 of us 24/7: My wife is working at home now as they are not allowed to come to the office, my 15 year old daughter is now following here highschool lessons online and bingewatching on Netflix & Disney+. And our cat is quite happy that everyone is at home 24/7... more attention for him Smile
And as for me? Well... Last month we got a nice message at our office: All office staff will be fired 01/05 and all activities will be transfered to our head office in Mechelen, leaving us without a job by 01/05. So I am looking for another job now, but most companies where they invited me for an interview have put everything on hold due to the corona crises. One of the companies is making arrangement to do a job interview by video conference, but... this is not the right period to be without job ;-)

So if anyone is aware of a company in the south of the Netherlands (near Breda) looking for an internal sales, preferably in the Industrial PC's/Industrial Electronics market Smile Smile Smile

By Uninteresting

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19-03-2020, 20:14

Working from home, and I hate it for messing with work/home balance. Been a bit sick (I'd guess a reflux disease), but even without that, staying indoors alone has been fine by me. Although, now with one boardgaming session cancelled, I've started eating the cranberry jam I bought for it on my oatmeal. A bit disparate pair.

I know at least one person in this municipality has been tested positive, so I imagine soon enough there'll be more local cases.

I did look up on tfh's homebrew section, but coding a new game myself hasn't been in the cards lately (other than designing a new card game to implement on MSX).

By dan

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19-03-2020, 20:56

Wife and I working from home since friday. spending a lot of time with children without leaving home and playing with them: msx and lego included. Guess we're lucky in this sense. Attached today's contruction. You'll love it, hamlet. Thanks!

By reidrac

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19-03-2020, 21:03

My family here in UK is not in the risk groups, but a few on my family back in Spain are. Even if we are OK, is hard to not feel deeply sorry for all the people that is dying every day.

This week I started working from home (the UK has been a bit slow to react, unfortunately). I'm trying to keep us healthy, both physically and mentally, because this is likely to be the beginning of a long period of disruption in our lives.

I'm finishing a game for the Amstrad CPC and after that is likely I'll start with a MSX2 project. Someone sent me a nice NTSC MSX2, so that's the very least I can do!

Take care and stay safe everybody!

By ericb59

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19-03-2020, 21:18

Here in France the containment started two days ago. It seems that many people remain desperately closed to the situation, and do not seem to understand what the government is asking to stop the epidemic.

I work on the maintenance of computers in high schools, but since these are closed, I stay at home, with remote access to deal with small problems on the servers.
I work for the public service, so I am fortunate to be able to continue to receive my salary, whatever happens.

Every shops are closed, only the food stores are open. Most services, post offices, banks, town halls are closed to the public, but have remote or telephone access.

I must admit that I am very afraid of catching this virus. I received a transplant three years ago, I have a defective immune system. Getting to know the Covid 19 is not an option for me !

I am very shocked, and very sad to see the situation in Italy and spain so degraded in hospitals, and to see that there are so many deaths.
I am really sad.

To try not to think about all this too much, I'm working on the next version of FUSION-C and other MSX projects.
I hope everything will not collapse before I finish !!

Be careful, and stay healthy. I need each of you, we all need each others.

By Wolverine_nl

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19-03-2020, 22:19

I am still working on site, at a hospital in the IT department, some work from home, but others, like me, that handle on site incidents, need to be there. It is difficult, because I am very close to the fires of C19.. We take precautions, but still it worries my wife and family.

Everybody stay safe and healthy.


Resident (39)

MSX-ALL's picture

19-03-2020, 22:49

My prayers are with you, Wolverine_nl, and with all front line workers and first responders that are relentlessly facing this crisis without hesitation. I am working from home since yesterday noon, but supporting the supply-chain of medication exchange across the country by managing some of the infrastructures, with disaster recovery plans, and by engaging in many discussions over video-conference with FEMA, CDC, and other State and Government Agencies. I consider myself a lucky one for being able to do what I do behind the Internet with a little bit more safety than others, the reason why I am so proud of the hard work and dedication I can see everyone putting on the containment of this situation.

I don't recall the last time so many opposite groups joined forces and work together towards the same goal as I see today. Sometimes it feels like this virus is bringing everyone closer by keeping us apart.

By Lazzeri

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20-03-2020, 01:11

Brazil, Belo Horizonte. I´m a physician. 3 million potential patients around me.

Our epidemic got traction about 10 days ago and it´s already in a rapid raise. And since we´re not testing everyone things are WAY worse that the numbers show.

Our stores, malls and restaurants will shut down starting tomorrow. Personal lockdown was not declared yet but we might get there in two weeks?


By ghost_jp

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20-03-2020, 05:31

Hello from Japan. I have spent ordinary days as usual. Here we can hear several announce warning COVID-19 but nothing is forced to the citizens, only public school are closed.

A good period to develop something comes! Watch this video and let you get high.

By Wierzbowsky

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20-03-2020, 18:49

I am working from home since last week, my team does the same. I work in the computer antivirus business, so even being at home, I help the company to protect our customers from viruses - computer viruses. The badguys are taking advantage of the real coronavirus outbreak to spread their malware with fake messages from health organizations. Some are using phishing messages to lure people to fake websites in order to steal their credentials.

But there's nothing out of ordinary - every noticeable event is usually used by the badguys to spread the malware and to steal personal data. And for every sane person the rule of the thumb must be - if you don't know the sender of a message, delete that message; don't open unknown email attachments, don't click on the links to websites that you don't know, never give out your credentials without making sure that the website is legitimate; don't accept contact requests and chat invitations from strangers, keep your computer and mobile devices and your antivirus software updated at all times. We call this the "digital hygiene".

In our small German town everything is closed except for the food stores. The food stores require 2 meter distance between customers. Around 80 people are confirmed to have the virus, a few are in the hospitals. Specially trained people in the downtown monitor people's behavior and remind to keep the distance from each other. We will stay at home at least until April 19. Stay safe and away from both biological and computer viruses!

By RobertoC

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20-03-2020, 15:59

Hi from Milan,
Lombardy is the center of the epidemic: there are more cases here than in all of Spain or Germany.
I'm working in home-office since a month ago, being an IT professional I am used to long periods of isolation but the fact of not going out starts to weigh.
All commercial activities are closed except food stores and pharmacies.
The tension starts to increase, sometimes I hear people shouting in the street, but I think it's normal.
My relatives live in Southern Italy, for their safety I preferred not to move and stay here.


Resident (39)

MSX-ALL's picture

20-03-2020, 22:30

Lazzeri, my friend. Being from Brazil I knew things would be really REALLy bad in the as soon as reality hits the fan.

Prepare yourself and your family for a truly catastrophic scenario. I don't wish it, but I predict a situation much worse than what we are seeing in Italy because of how unprepared and inadequate everything is in Brazil.

Stay safe and good luck!!!

By Parn

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20-03-2020, 23:27

Turmoil all around every continent. Also from Brazil, I'm at Brasília, our country's capital city. Things here look really scary since it seems to be ahead of the curve in terms of infections, compared to other cities. I'm very worried because the Federal Government doesn't really believe in the seriousness, calling it "hysteria" and "overblown". The Minister of Health is the only authority taking it seriously, but he's being undermined by the other authorities, particularly the President, who even berates State Governors for taking matters on their own hands, and the Minister of Economy, who thinks the working population, already sacrificed in the name of economic growth (which didn't happen), should be sacrificed even more. Less favoured communities will be hit extremely hard, since our public health system is underfunded and overcrowded and not everyone can afford private health insurance.

Really, things here are very complicated. The Federal District, where Brasília is located, has its own government and the local government has been issuing decrees closing down most places where too many people gather since last week. The IT company I work on, on the other side, has been mostly ignoring workers' pleas and explicitly said they would only send people to work from home by force of law, despite the infrastructure being mostly in place. I personally rebelled against this and I've been working from home since Wednesday. Today they backpedaled and said they will try to send everyone home, beginning from Monday. Too late, in my humble opinion.

I live alone, but I'm very anxious with all this since I have many relatives in the risk groups, particularly my mother who has emphysema and my granny who is 88 years old. I'm not too worried for myself, though, since I'm only 45 and my health is fine. I also find it weird being physically disconnected from people, despite being an introvert and not really meeting a lot of people. Looking at the silver lining, though: no one minds if I'm working in my underpants, I'm really saving on fuel, and I can manage my own time with a bit more freedom.

I simply don't have enough words to describe how I feel about our Federal Government, though; they are being completely irresponsible and if you don't already know, I'm sorry but I won't bore you with the details. It's too uncannily unbelievable, anyway. And despite being a disaster since day one, it still has a lot of followers and they aren't really taking the situation seriously, calling it some kind of Chinese communist conspiracy to destroy Western countries' economies. This despite rushing to the pharmacies and virtually ending alcohol gel and hydroxychloroquine (!!) everywhere. Irrationality reigns.

By enribar

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22-03-2020, 01:32

Italy is officially locking down, only vital business activities will stay on.
I live in one of the critical region and worked nearby collegues that live nearby one of the villages where all begun.
But fortunately the Venice region applied all the right protocols, controls and quarantine, so situation is under control.
I'm fine and I worked in my office till yesterday, but this monday I'll switch to smart working.
Don't worry... In case of troubles, tomorrow I'll backup on cloud all dumps I made during these 20 years :-)

By jacco_bot

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24-03-2020, 16:14

Greetings from Southern California. We were the first State to implement a "Shelter in State" order in the US. Basically means to stay in your home, unless you have good reason to go out, like getting groceries or medicine. I work from home, as many of us here, I'm in an IT job, so that makes it easier to work from home.
We can still go for a walk, but have to keep social distance from everyone. I have family in the Netherlands and here in California, and thank goodness everyone is fine.
Stay safe everyone, be careful if you have to go out, wash your hands well, keep your distance, even if your country does not have a policy yet, use common sense.


Resident (39)

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26-03-2020, 17:57

Same in Michigan. We are ordered to stay indoors by State mandate. People can go out to exercise and shopping, but that's it. Police are checking cameras for people roaming around to try to prevent opportunists from taking advantage of empty areas, and for me to be able to go around if needed by work I was issued a letter designating me as a "necessary worker", as we are serving the National Network of Drugs & Medications Exchange.

Every day is a new reality, and every day seems to be more complicated than the previous day... :S

That's why I put some of my thoughts in an old unused domain I had in my inventory of domains and I'd like to share with everyone. It is nothing special, actually. Initially, I was writing about it as a way for me to drive my own thoughts towards something different than the politics and craziness around this situation, but then some of my friends start insisting I should share it online and spread those thoughts because it may be something valuable for many other people nowadays, and I agree. Everyone is talking about the Coronavirus, but very few people are thinking about what we can learn from this situation and how much we can change - for the better - after we are beyond this crisis.

So, here it is:

To add real value to this page I added some reliable links about the subject and a very good video from Science Insider that demonstrate how truly dangerous this virus is for everyone, despite the person's age or their health condition.

Stay safe. Don't make it easy for the virus, you don't want to get it!

Spread the word you believe is of any value. If this page gains any traction, I may expand it in different ways. Feel free to comment and share.

Stay indoors. Stay safe!

By enribar

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27-03-2020, 11:07


Resident (39)

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27-03-2020, 22:40

What? Is it FRIDAY? Uhuuuuu!!!!!

Time to open a beer and plan for the weekend and list all the places I want to go:

  1. I plan to wake up late, but clean of virus infection (in both cases it is more like a hope than a plan), then I will begin my round trip...
  2. Go to the kitchen and have a nice breakfast (if I don't wake up too late, of course... Here it is like a hotel: after a certain hour they stop serving breakfast)
  3. Go to the laundry area where we have some gymnastic machines and get some exercise done (yeah... sure... maybe... ... ... probably not!)
  4. Go to the basement and fix my NAS (The HDD broke, but I have a replacement to fix it)
  5. Go to the family room and watch a movie with the kids (assuming I managed to fix the NAS, otherwise we will have to find something we haven't already watched on Netflix)
  6. Go to the kitchen and cook something for the family lunch (surely the wife will be playing lazy because it is Saturday and is probably planning on putting me to barbecue. Yeah, I know the drill!!!)
  7. Go to the sun-room and play some desk games with the family (dominoes, cards, whatever we find... We may even play for money this time)
  8. Go to the home office if time allows and work on some personal projects (I have a pile of them accumulated. But I will probably do nothing and end up wasting my time watching funny videos of cats on YouTube or something foolish like that)
  9. Go to the yard, rake leaves, clean around the house, remove dog poo, etc (Did you think I was going to the yard for some fun? Yards always reserve extra chores for us over the weekends, that's all it does!)
  10. Go to the studio/lab and invent something. Maybe write a new song, or record a video. Maybe I will build some crazy electronic stuff or, most likely, waste time playing with my collection of computers from the '80s just because arcade and MSX games rock! (Yeah, hobbies. Pure waste of time, but great ways to maintain our sanity in check)
  11. Go to the dining room and hope there will be dinner at some point (it will all depend on how good or bad I did while cooking lunch. Chances are I will have to dig for snacks)
  12. Go to the game room and play games on the X-Box with my kids (Something educational, suitable for the times we currently live on, like Call of Duty, Grand Auto Theft, World War Z, etc.)
  13. Go anywhere else in the house where the wife tells me there are chores waiting for me, things she claims cannot wait for another day (A neverending Story! Surely it will be a list of things that will take over a good chunk of my weekend. Darn.)
  14. Go to the TV room and try to rest and relax for a change. Maybe watch some News (Naaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)
  15. Go and get ready for bedtime, hopefully still clean of the virus (of course, I will be complaining how busy the day was, and that I didn't have time to do anything I really wanted to do, and blah blah blah... The usual. Then, I will be hoping for an easier Sunday that will most likely never happen!)

Based on that, Sunday seems to be too far distant for me to plan anything for it now... I will have to play along. Wink

On a positive thought, at least I am helping the environment: lots of errands all over the place and zero usage of gasoline! Smile

I wish everyone a fantastic weekend, indoors! Smile

By sergarbes

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28-03-2020, 19:49

Hi hamlet and MSX fans!

Hello from Barcelona. I work at the University and these days I am working from home doing online meetings and writing emails ;-)

I am spending time with my wife and our cat at home and taking care of the other members of my family.

There always is a bit of time for our beloved MSX. I am a macOS user I play Nemesis II with CocoaMSX and I also had and OpenMSX TurboR emulatex MSX to follow the MSX C Couse writed by Javi Lavandeira and also the Fusion C library on my Macbook.

But the day do not have enought hours and for all my hobbies Lego, Nintendo Switch, Raspberry Pi, etc.

Take care of your relatives and stay at home!

Best wishes!

By hamlet

Scribe (4106)

hamlet's picture

28-03-2020, 19:59

Another CocoaMSX, that's great. Let Akop know that you use it, makes him very happy!

By mcolom

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mcolom's picture

29-03-2020, 17:50

Hi all,
Great initiative, Hamlet!

I've been away from the MRC since long, because with this crisis my free time has almost vanished :S
But I'm well. I'm spending almost all my time in my research projects and making video-conferences with my students at the university (Paris). Now my browser is crazy, with lots of tabs with different Slack groups, Trellos, Overleafs, Github projects, discussion groups, and things like that. I love some of this tools as much as I hate others.
The good news is that keep playing MSX games Big smile I play Arkanoid at least once a day. Quite relaxing!
I guess I'm slowly moving from physical isolation to virtual communication. Just different.

I hope you're all well. Take care!

By sergarbes

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sergarbes's picture

29-03-2020, 20:26

Sure, I did it in 2017 Big smile

By rjp

Master (195)

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30-03-2020, 19:39

Hi from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Our MSX meetings which would be in the first semester, were cancelled. MSXRio (Rio de Janeiro) and MSX Curitiba (Curitiba, Paraná) were suspended due to further notice.

As a professor, my work antecipated the mid-year holidays (2 weeks), but today we'll start with "distance education".

I decided to test and check all my MSXs (30), so I found some little problems, like the faulty keyboard of my Turbo-R, my Pioneer PX-V60 which doesn't boot... But almost all of them runs perfectly.

And I'll try to finally spend some time using my MSXs, mainly using network (Obsonet! GR8Net! MSX Hub!) and try to develop software. I hope I can!

Take care and don't forget to wash your hands.

By ren

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22-11-2020, 19:20

The following are Dutch spoken/authored:

* Good questions (Twitter): annstrikje/status/1328683880715522048

* 'Een beetje vuur' ('A bit of fire', YT): ERYz0bFdfAc

* Something to consider regarding this new type RNA vaccine:
  - guillermoviss/status/1321041408078319616
  - dachshundfrisia/status/1329309672088727552

Sadly the link to the LinkedIn post is now defunct, as Borger (MSc, PhD) was banned from the platform for publishing critical articles / raising questions (hello censorship).

Look him up, as well as the Extra-parliamentary Investigation Committee 2020. Yesterday he testified addressing (critical) design flaws in the PCR test (according to his study). Video summary (YT): gJ15wD7Llwo (Potkaars).

You could also look into Dr. Reiner Fuellmich ('Crimes Against Humanity') (English).

A good/interesting introduction on aforementioned committee (YT): sU3RysFkNwI (blbx).

Just sharing a thing or two (though not random). I hope we're all doing our job of informing ourselves, keeping a keen eye, staying critical.

By Manuel

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19-03-2021, 23:20

One year since this post guys... and we're still in the same situation.... although I feel positive because there is hope as we get vaccinated to lead us to the end of this tunnel.

Take care you all, stay safe Smile

By AnsiStar

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19-03-2021, 23:49

Hasten slowly!!
Stay healthy you all... Wink

By ren

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23-03-2021, 23:03

Yes, good luck with that. Get your (experimental, long term untested) shots every year again, as the thing will continuously mutate. Or they'll come up with something new next year, something worse. Friend BG predicted (announced?) that already.

Some dude in the MSM here has claimed several times: let's vaccinate overweight 60+ males, will result in ~60% reduction IC load. Enough to open up / live life. No, let's ignore that, let's just continue the lock down, and wait to get everyone vaccinated or something (even children perhaps?) Soon your 'cov1-pass', required to take part in society.

Since we're already living with this thing for a year, shouldn't there be some form of herd and/or individual immunity/resistance? Do you actually need that vac.? I know they're saying you're also doing it for the 'critical whatever percentage', but did you also get shots for the flu these past years? (That kills as well..)

Never questioned the following?: there have been some heavy flu seasons these past years. Also taxing the hospitals, reports in the MSM they could hardly manage. Also (remarkable) young, otherwise healthy people admitted, also long-term after effects (bit like what you're hearing now).

And didn't scientists warn for a new pandemic / outbreak for years? Yet, with all this knowledge / experience our government continued to break down healthcare / lowering IC capacity. Look at us (them) now. Great savings!

Take care, do your research, ask questions, decide wisely / do what you think is right (is what I'd say).

By meits

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23-03-2021, 23:02

I worked in a hospital for several years. Flu has never crippled it. Covid does. End of story.

By ren

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23-03-2021, 23:27

Thanks, I've heard different reports, depending on region etc.
Don't you think high sick leave has part in that? Sick in the sense of: getting tested positive (doesn't mean you're actually sick/infected and/or infectious, or that it is even a real positive), need to stay home?
(And haven't we had the worst already?)

By meits

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23-03-2021, 23:58

In the beginning there was panic. In all camps. It was easy to obey the rules, while the rules were nothing more than glorified wishes. Then knowledge slowly grew. People got bored. People got information they could interpret to their own benefit. We know the complete timeline. It's like in a movie. But reality never stopped. People actually die, it's a lotery, nobody is save, some have more chances than the other, but there are still many people from the first wave who try to regain their health. Scar tissue in the lungs do quite some damage.
Meanwhile the mutation first spotted in the UK (known as the Brittish variant, but who knows where it originated) is growing. Not as fast as feared, but it is more infectious and more lethal.

Measures taken by government do not help (totally), but that's not the measurement's fault, it's the group of people who refuse to live by them. People who think it's their right to have a nice life, even if that means they might infect someone who dies.
Corona is here. We have to deal with it. The perfect way might be way different than what we do now, but what we do now is the best to the knowledge we have now. The disease is not some kind of supressing invention from a lab with 5G and Bill Gates jokes in it. Governments know darn good that if this takes too long, they'll run out of treasure.
Some day it will be something we can survive with a near 100% certainty. That's not now. So we'd better just obey the rules for now. That speeds up progression and costs less lives and misery.

As for the hospitals. The one where I worked temporary considered code black. (And that's for a Dutch hospital. Brazilian hospitals have a way darker shade of black). It's a hospital where people from the south went during the first wave. It spread to different departments, they had to close, other people could not be operated. There's still a huge back log of operations. And there are still people dying or live in agony because they can't be helped because of covid patients.

Meanwhile I do understand some critics from the civil world. They only get told how many people have been tested positive. That's reasonable important information, but far from the most important information: space and continuity in the health care and the lack there of. And the suffering of patients (and their families) who were not so lucky to have a mild cough and a head ache for one or two days.

By JohnHassink

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24-03-2021, 02:01

For the Dutch people among us (unfortunately, there are no English subtitles available yet), this video offers some quite big pieces of the puzzle which would explain part of these "Strange Days" (or rather - strange decades; even centuries).
This is not about the virus itself; nobody sane would deny the devastating effect it can have. I do not, and neither does this video. But it does tie in with what's happening around us.
This is not about lizard mutants from Mars hiding behind the moon in their spaceships, flat earth or toddler eating devil worshipers, but 100% verifiable facts.
I hope this will help you make a little more sense of it all. ♥

By Daemos

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24-03-2021, 12:11

I work in a school and when there is a pandemic I get whatever virus spread. I had the flu like a million times and I tell you. When I contracted covid it wasn't like any flu I ever had. It was far far far worse. I am still having symptoms after 2 months. This virus is no toy. This is some serious stuff and I have seen the ambulance pick up people from my street several times. I am amongst the lucky ones. Ill be fine but other certainly won't. People should really at least try to be carefull for the benefits of themselves and others.

By salutte

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24-03-2021, 17:36

I have high hopes on the vaccination campaign, even if we need yearly shots from now on. I am personally exhausted with this situation where Covid has broken our health and killed our elderly, and its associated restrictions have killed economies, family ties, friendships, mental health and future plans. I wish health to you all, and sincerely hope that we don't need to reopen this thread again in 2022, unless if it is to celebrate the return to normality.

Best best wishes.

By Manuel

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19-03-2022, 00:07

Aaaand 2 years since this post. Looking forward to a cosy fair in a week! Yeah!!

By AnsiStar

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19-03-2022, 13:05

Hasten slowly!!
Stay healthy you all!! Wink