Submitted Downloads January 2018

by ro on 01-02-2018, 19:58
Topic: MRC

Here's what has been submitted to the MRC download database last month. In case you missed it, go get your piece!

  • VIEW.COM - VIEW is a text viewer for MSX-DOS2. It works in all text modes even MSX1 and Kanji modes.
  • MGS music files - 1300 classified MGS music files from Japan.
  • Vampire Killer SCC patch - IPS patch file to upgrade the game Vampire Killer to use SCC re-arranged music.

Enjoy the downloads, see you next month

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By gdx

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02-02-2018, 12:37

The issue of PSG I/O (register 7) in Vampire Killer SCC patch still not included, isn't it?