TT-Virus cancelled for MSXdev'06

by snout on 24-10-2006, 19:34
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Following the great Shock the dev news, the MSXdev team have revealed some sad news again. TT-Virus, the sequel to T-Virus from Dioniso (Alfonso D.C.) and WYZ has been cancelled due to lack of time. Dioniso has announced he will try and enter this years' contest with a smaller, different game.

By joining the MSXdev'06 competition you can win several exciting prices, including a genuine Panasonic FS-A1 GT turboR. If you enter with a 32kB ROM entry, you will receive a free Shockware version of Griel's Quest for the Sangraal EX, an extended version of Griel's Quest for the Sangraal, which means each contestant will get a ROM cartrige with this game in a brand-new casing, with a full-color manual and cartridge label. You can find out more about all this on the MSXdev website. There are still more than 2 months left to create a cool MSXdev'06 entry, so all the reasons to start coding and get those great MSX games out there!

Relevant link: MSXdev website

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By wolf_

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24-10-2006, 21:10

T_T virus ..


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24-10-2006, 23:00


By Sonic_aka_T

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24-10-2006, 23:28

Sad not a good year for msxdev... pity... well, I'm sure next year will be better! Smile

By ro

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25-10-2006, 13:42

I'm sure last year was better....

too bad, another one bites the dust I reck'n

By GhostwriterP

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27-10-2006, 18:58

I'm starting to see a pattern...

By mars2000you

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02-11-2006, 09:41

Today, news about a new finished game for the MSXdev'06 contest

I've sent an e-mail to Snout, Wolf, Sonic, Latok, Bart, Rikusu and Sander.

Also used the 'classical way', the MRC submit news feature .... News accepted and I've got the following message :

"Your news post has been received...

Thank you for your submission!
We will check your submission in the next few hours. If it is interesting and relevant we will publish it soon.
We have 2 submissions waiting to be published."

If you want to read the news, see here :