Arcade Action

by Latok on 20-03-2003, 16:52
Topic: MSX Related

Currently, in Holland, you can't turn on your television set without being confronted with moving images of famous MSX games such as Hyper Olympics, Roadfighter, Galaga & Nemesis.

The Telsell channel is selling this 'Arcade Action' console. It contains 84 classic games and the console is being delivered with 2 controllers and a lightgun. The price is € 59,95.

The advertisement on the Telsell channel is focusing on the pleasure these old games still give. Quote: 'The games remember us of more 'innocent' times'.

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By wolf_

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20-03-2003, 17:03

harharhar.. Smile

ahum .. Smile

By SjaaQ

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31-03-2003, 08:18

I have seen the commercial (finally) and I do not think this is a MSX.... I might be a Nintendo 8bit, just because it has already be re-release using another name by several other companies. Not all of the games look familiar to me; also the graphics differ from the MSX versions...

Can anyone confirm what system this "Arcade Action" is using?

By snout

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01-04-2003, 01:58

It's one of the many NES clones around.

By crazygamer

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14-08-2003, 15:30

Does look like an NES chipset-base but hard to tell ...

Has anyone tried it?

Anyone know who makes it (Tellsell used to sell it)?