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There seems to be a new trend where the worlds of MSX and (alternative) music collide. Where the appearance of MSX computers and effects in a Lenny Kravitz music video, 6 years ago, was more or less an event on its own, the past few months we've seen several interesting developments.

303bcn, for instance, is performing live with their great VeejingSX project. The Spanish band Duo Cobra used the internal software of the Philips Music Module during this live performance on Spanish radio. Crisis Alma did a gig on the 40th MSX RU Barcelona and now there is this band called Destroy The Core!

In an 8-track, freely downloadable album called Color Auto Goto List Run MSX-Audio and PlaySoniq are among the key instruments used. The album also contains various samples taken from MSX games and speech synthesis generated by TAVMSX. MSX even made it to one of their music videos.

Relevant link: Destroy The Core! - Color Auto Goto List Run

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For the sounds of the album tracks used, between other stuff, a Moog Slim Phatty, an MSX with Music Module and Playsoniq (SID) cards

Smile Thnx for sharing. Bit hard to digest, but technically impressive.