Falcom brings Ys 6 to mobile phones

by Sama on 29-01-2004, 16:27
Topic: MSX Related

Falcom has announced they will start a business of selling downloadable games for mobile phones along with Taito. One of the first games to bring to the mobile phone market is the newest title in Falcom's action RPG series Ys: Ys6, The Ark of Napishtim, which was recently released for Windows computers. At the moment it's not clear what type this game will be, but Falcom wants to try and make it a game using 3D techniques, like the Windows version. What has become clear, is that Falcom together with Script Arts, is responsible for the development of the mobile phone version.

Taito is currently busy examining what kind of carrier could be used, but has confirmed that it wants to support as many mobile phone types as possible. They also stated that they want to select a platform by which the contents of the game won't be harmed.

Relevant link: Keitai Watch

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By d-fader

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29-01-2004, 17:09

[...] The Ark of Napishtim, which was recently released for Windows computers [...]

heeeuhm, what's a windows computer? Tongue

By wolf_

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29-01-2004, 17:20

.. an MSX(tm) running Windows(tm)

By anonymous

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29-01-2004, 18:52

Computers running Windows(tm) obviously...