Golvellius goes iPhone

by snout on 27-07-2009, 21:46
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Source: IGN Wireless

Dotemu and D4 Enterprise have put their hands together and ported the Sega Master System version of Golvellius to the iPhone. Although the game has not been released as of yet, a small preview can already be seen over here. Previously, D4E released several MSX games on iPhone, being Aleste (English version), Chima Chima, Eggy (available for free!), Nyan Puzzle and Relics.

Relevant link: Golvellius for iPhone - preview on IGN

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By JohnHassink

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28-07-2009, 04:32

That's cool, but the MSX2 / MSX2+ version is better, ofcourse. Especially the English translated one. Smile