Which MSX'er hasn't played the sidescrolling shoot-'em-up Gradius or Nemesis at some point? In this long running series of shooters developed by Konami you often control the ship Vic Viper which flies through space, shooting down various enemies ranging from AT-AT-like walkers to Easter Island statues and big 'core ships' to save the world from evil villains like Dr. Venom and Bacterion.

Throughout the years various sequels, remakes and spin-offs of this game like Parodius and Otomedius have been released on all sorts of systems, including MSX, (Super) NES, Famicom, PC-Engine, Sharp X68000 and newer systems like Playstation 2 and Nintendo Wii. Now the Playstation 3 can be added to that list as Little Big Planet 2 user gyueen has recreated two levels of Gradius in Sony's sandbox game. A video of his level 002 GRADIUS MUSEUM LBP2 EDITION is available on YouTube. A second level was also made by gyueen and is called 003 GRADIUS LBP2 EDITION "MAXIMUM SPEED". Gyueen's friend fafafa10 went a step further and added co-op flying in a recreation of Life Force (though MSX'ers might know Salamander better).

It's always great to see fans show their love for a game by creating their own games and levels like this and the Aleste-inspired Craftworld. Have you made your own MSX-inspired levels in LBP2 or some other sandbox game? Then don't forget to let us know!

Relevant link: 002 Gradius Museum by gyueen
Relevant link: 003 Gradius "Maximum Speed" by gyueen
Relevant link: Gradius-Life Force- by fafafa10

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By FiXato

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31-08-2012, 22:41

Never realised this was possible with Little Big Planet. The game suddenly raises in appreciation for me Smile

By Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1784)

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31-08-2012, 22:50

I felt the same when I saw the Craftworld Aleste demos. Definitely made LBP a lot more interesting to me!