Hideo Kojima ponders Snatcher remake

by Grauw on 19-04-2008, 13:43
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On the website IGN, Hideo Kojima has been interviewed regarding the future of Snake, the character of a game that made MSX history and needs no further introduction anymore. On the final page of this interview, Hideo stated these lines: "Finally, it's the end of Snake, so I'd really want to start something really fresh and new when I create the game for the next one. However, maybe the sequel to ZOE, or a remake of Snatcher, for instance, if I just participate as a producer, yeah, that could be possible.". Who knows, we may just see some exciting MSX legacy in the future again!

Relevant link: three-page Hideo Kojima interview

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By Latok

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19-04-2008, 20:15


Latok, you know where the 'Submit news' button is, don't you?

By turbor

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19-04-2008, 23:42

So that is why I thought that this was old news LOL!