Hideo Kojima tweets about Metal Gear and Snatcher

by Latok on 21-01-2011, 21:59
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Source: MRC forum

One of the interesting things about Twitter is the possibility to follow more or less famous persons. For MSX freaks it might be interesting to screen the mindset of no other than Hideo Kojima, creator of arguably the best MSX games ever.

It now proves Kojima hasn't forgotten those early days of his game developing career. In some of his latest tweets he takes us back to that time, actually showing us pictures of planning documents, maps and proposals related to the development of the Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake and Snatcher games.

We learn some very interesting facts, such as the initial name of Snatcher, which was Junker. There is also a reference to Snatcher 2. All in all a unique view on how Konami developed its games back then and moreover, a glimps of one of the greatest developing masterminds.

Relevant link: Hideo Kojima Twitpic

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By lionelritchie

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21-01-2011, 22:45

"It now proves Kojima hasn't forgotten those early days of his game developing career."

He is still making the SAME game (metal gear), 30 years later. Of course he didnt forget it.

By Ivan

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21-01-2011, 22:51

Amazing stuff!!! oO

By max_iwamoto

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22-01-2011, 01:42

I really want Kojima stop making Metal Gear games and continue with more Snatcher games for new consoles. I would really love Snatcher 2 for PS3. Or, maybe, at least Penguin Adventure 2 in 3D Smile


By Metalion

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22-01-2011, 12:41

We also learn that an alternative name (or a project name) for Metal Gear was : Intruder

By ro

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22-01-2011, 13:49

These are one of those little MSX-treasures we can find on the Internet. Somebody quickly rip the images and post them on their website before they go off-line.

Love to see what else the dude has in his archives to be publicaly released Smile


By nikodr

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22-01-2011, 17:13

I wonder if we ask him about the source code.That would be excellent,or asking information how was it back then to develop what kind of mainframes and machines were used to develop stuff like metal gear.So who is going to do it?Probably someone that knows japanese,i am sure that english comments may be ignored.
Come on people this is golden oportunity to learn stuff regarding our favorite games Big smile It would be even better if somone from the official mrc website does this to show that as a community we are interested in that stuff.And maybe get him also an interview?

If we think of it he still has those documents and now that he posted them is a GREAT time to do this.What do you think?

By lionelritchie

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22-01-2011, 18:53

he also likes to take lots of pictures of food. maybe he is very fond of food. and maybe he never forgets food.

By ro

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22-01-2011, 19:58

While looking at this picture of MG text messages, it looks like he used a system where every word had a (hexadecimal) nummer. So a text could be shortened (memory wise) by just using word pre-sets. I know some dude(s) have re-written the text to make it "better" English, they can prolly confirm this. Smile


Really interesting stuff, just because it's about my, and prolly many others too, fave MSX games of all time!
Wouldn't we like to know HOW Konami made it? code, music, fx etc. Come on Konami, show us some inside information...

By nikodr

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22-01-2011, 20:04

Like i said before maybe if someone from the official mrc nudged him about it we could have some feedback.And yes why not?He posted this on tweeter,and i believe now is the time to do it,before he dumps them somewhere and forgets it all.