Konami and Vodafone release Yie Ar Kung Fu

by snout on 15-07-2004, 15:47
Topic: MSX Related

Source: Gigamix News Headline

Konami and Vodafone have released the classic MSX game Yie Ar Kung Fu for mobile phones. On this website you can see a screenshot of the game.

Relevant link: Yie Ar Kung Fu for Vodafone review

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By cax

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15-07-2004, 18:27

Can this be also new entry to "MSX in the media" ?

By tfh

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15-07-2004, 23:36

Not really, unless it's really the MSX version they ported.... Yie Ar Kung Fu was released on other platforms as well Smile

By snout

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15-07-2004, 23:38

Still, MSX gets mentioned on a website that usually does not report on MSX. So I think it -is- a valid MSX in the Media nominiee. I dunno if it's a winner, but I'll add it to the list of nominees anyway Wink

By Imanok

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16-07-2004, 13:33


By Vincent van Dam

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16-07-2004, 14:24

[ Translation ]
Maybe it's also nice to mention that in Japan a whole range of konami games are playable on mobile phones; Quarth, nemesis 1, salamander, parodius, yr kungfu, kings valley 1, penguin adventure (1st version), and so on, and so on.

By Guillian

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16-07-2004, 14:42

What about PuddleLand then? It is also an original MSX game and is available for mobile phones Wink
And you can see a nice 'MSX' entry in the highscores (1st place of course)
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Panasonic X300

By Yukio

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16-07-2004, 15:40

Cool, another remake of a old game.
There is a NES version of this game.

By Imanok

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16-07-2004, 16:19

Thanks for the translation! Wink

Guillian... we'll never forgive you for making a version of a MSX game never released for MSX, you know ;P

By the way... I didn't know 'Puddle Land' is a game 'Lode Runner' style... :?