Konami E3 2004 news

by Bart on 12-05-2004, 23:01
Topic: MSX Related

Besides the announcement of Metal Gear Acid, Konami published more MSX related news at E3 today. For instance the popular YS series, which Konami licensed, is due to be released for PS2 and PSP early 2005. Also some new information about Neo-Contra, the successor of the MSX game 'Contra' has been published.
The camouflage campaign of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater has started too. In this campaign gamers are invited to send in their camouflage designs. Good or original enough designs will feature in the final game as camouflage for Solid Snake!
And some good ol' retro is a must too ofcourse, so Konami decided to rerelease Frogger for Playstation 2, Nintendo DS and Nintendo Gamecube.

Finally, Konami also announced that they're going to release a comic book series based on Metal Gear Solid.

Relevant link: www.konami.com