La-Mulana - US/EU WiiWare release

La-Mulana - US/EU WiiWare release

by Latok on 20-09-2012, 21:01
Topic: MSX Related

Some months ago, we reported about Nicalis, the initial publisher of the English version of La-Mulana, had suddenly decided to cancel the WiiWare release of this Nigoro game.

Fortunately, Spanish developer EnjoyUp Games has picked up La-Mulana for WiiWare, and has published it today in North America and Europe! So now Nintendo Wii-owning MSX fans around the world are finally being able to play this great game, that celebrates the history of Konami MSX games, Maze of Galious in particular.

Relevant link: La-Mulana on WiiWare

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By SkyeWelse

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21-09-2012, 20:35

Definitely getting this on WiiWare today. I've never played it before and I've heard it's awesome. : )


By Huey

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22-09-2012, 11:03

I was really excited when I first heard of the Wii remake. But to be honest. I like the original MUCH MUCH more. The new version seems 'bland' somehow. All the joy I had with the original version is gone Crying

Perhaps I'm probably more of an MSX fanboy than I thought I was.

By Grauw

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20-09-2015, 22:43

La-Mulana EX for PS Vita now free on PS Plus.