Let's make 2021 great again!

Let's make 2021 great again!

by hamlet on 20-12-2020, 23:18
Topic: MSX Related

We have the honour of fulfilling a cherished tradition again this year:
The publication of the MSX calendar for 2021.
We're sure you're fond of the old year, but it's still time to say goodbye and welcome a new one. This is especially easy with this calendar. On the 14 fascinating pictures, we have this time received support from well-known models who have successfully put our hobby in the limelight.
No other 8-bit calendar offers 14 months to enjoy the coming year.
As always, we provide the sheets for self-printing, a nice Christmas present for all MSX lovers.
You can find the dates at msx.pics.

Relevated link:
Download on msx.pics

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By Pencioner

Scribe (1546)

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21-12-2020, 20:23

Running Naked in a Field of Flowers
Great as always!

By sergarbes

Expert (114)

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23-12-2020, 22:07

Cool! Merry Chismas!

By Samor

Prophet (2168)

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27-12-2020, 18:52

Nice calendar as always Smile