Maze of Galious Remake

by JEames on 25-12-2002, 23:57
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The remake of Maze of Galious can be considered allmost finished, version 0.6 has been a major update: graphics and sound sets are managed differently and more than 20 odd bugs have been fixed. Check it out at Santi Ontañón's web site:

More news: now Santi is concentrating on a second part of the Maze of Galious (MOG2). Yes! A second part of one of the best games for the MSX is now being made with the same gameplay and many new features. Help is needed. Right now there's a beta version of the game editor available at

MOG, MOG2, other remakes, programming information, graphics, music and forums can be found at Santi's home page:

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By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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26-12-2002, 03:04

Don't want to sound negative, but I think the storyline of MOG2 is pretty weak ^^;
Also, the author should be aware he is liable for copyright infringment. A remake is one thing, but a continuation of a Konami franchise... If Konami finds out, he might be in BIG trouble. :

By snout

Ascended (15187)

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26-12-2002, 13:41

It seems that Konami isn't as strict as they used to be. In the old days they were really haunting amateur projects that were infringing the Konami copyrights. I have seen a few remakes already, and no actions of Konami were taken (yet).

By JEames

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26-12-2002, 16:26

Well, in fact the third part of the knightmare saga was released many years ago by Konami it's self (Shalom), but with a complete change on the game play besides the fact it was never translated to english.

The second part was a really outstanding game and with no doubt one of the best games for MSX ever. Making a sort of second part in my modest opinion is a great idea. Specially if it's free and open code.

By the way: one of the features that has been said to incorporate on MOG2 is to be able to play with other players over the internet. I think it's worth a try.

By snout

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26-12-2002, 16:47

just for the record: there was quite a change in gameplay from Knightmare 1 to Knightmare 2 as well ^_^

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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26-12-2002, 17:05

MOG2 would be the same as DragonSlayer Legend of Heroes 2 (and 3 and 4) or Final Fantasy X-2. Continuances of games already part of a series. But I don't see how that's got to do with anything ^^;
Anyway, snout might be right in that Konami isn't as strict as they used to be, but I think it's just a matter of not having found them yet. If you remember the relentless suits against Jaleco, it's hard to think they softened up.
And again, a straight remake is something entirely different than a new game based on Konami's Intellectual Property.

On a related note, Nihon Falcom recently ordered the removal of some MUSIC COVERS from a NES dev site. Covering game music is something that's been permitted since the dawn of time!

By 4play

Resident (53)

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29-12-2002, 09:59

ehhh i had konami benelux on the phone some years ago now if it was okay to copy the games i love so mutch, and if you don't ask monney for it then it was okee for them. I ofcourse don't know what konami japan does Smile but hey (c) do die after 10 years Smile (exept if konami buys em again ofcourse) i don't think konami whil mind that you make an 2d version they only make 3d versions of there games now so. And it they make a new 2d version then it gonna be for the Game Boy Advanced. (IMHO)

By BiFi

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29-12-2002, 10:58

I don't think copyrights die after 10 years. I did hear copyrights die 50 years after the author remains, but I don't know about how it's done with software companies like Konami.

By Asshen

Supporter (11)

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29-12-2002, 23:34

I actually was planning a MOG remake about a year ago, and I contacted Konami Europe for it.
They told me that I could NOT make a remake, that the game is still copyrighted !

I've read somebody else heard different, but if I still had that email I could have proven it :-)

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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30-12-2002, 00:25

Indeed, they do not like it. I talked to Konami (in a real meeting) about ports of their old MSX games. (It was SOOO cool!!! ^_^ There were lots of Japanese Konami babes and Asahi beer! Big smile )

By mth

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30-12-2002, 05:26

It is very hard to get official approval from a company for using their copyrighted works. Imagine you work at a game company: if you grant permission while you shouldn't have, you will get in serious trouble, while if you grant it and it's OK, you'll probably hear nothing about it. Which is understandable, because once given they can never revoke permission and they don't make any money on supporting an amateur project. So there are risks without a reward. That said, if the company in question is not losing any money either because of such a project, they will usually not take action against it.

For example, we never had problems with Solid Snake English. Given the thousands of downloads from my page alone (several a day, for a couple of years now), and there are many other places to download it, I doubt no-one at Konami knows about it. But since most people downloading Solid Snake English have already bought one or both Metal Gear Solid games (a typical e-mail from a user starts with "after finishing MGS, I was looking for more Metal Gear"), Konami is not losing any money because of us. Which is a good thing, because as fans of the Metal Gear series we would hate to see Konami suffering because of us.

So today's lesson is you don't always have to follow the letter of the law, as long as you try to be fair.

By Jopiewankenopie

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30-12-2002, 23:32

Well I think it's a waste of time... It stinks..
If I was Mr. Konami I would sue your ass of for completely raping this delicate piece of art.
Either you make MOG in 3D or ***** OFF!

By Asshen

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03-01-2003, 00:20

I started work on a 3D game based on the maze of galious :-) Not a remake :-)
News will follow in a month? Tongue