Maze of Galious remake 0.54(a)

by BiFi on 22-11-2002, 15:12
Topic: MSX Related
Tags: Remakes

The PC-remake of Maze of Galious has become quite impressive lately. There were quite some updates, improvements and other stuff to mention since last posted about it, too much to list in a newspost. The latest version is 0.54 which already has a patch as well. The update list for the patch:

  • Characters Reviving with 0 VIT
  • The WATER MONSTER appears now at a right position (not over the wall)
  • Diminished the BOULDER RATE (I don't know it enough)
  • Demon 10 has full vit
  • The knights do not climb stairs that do not lead to some platform.
  • Fixed the problem with getting VASE
  • DOLL in world 2 and ROD in world 6 don't appear over the wall.
  • The left stair in room O15 now disappears when you reach the top or the bottom.
  • In the World 8, the passage that appears after killing all the enemies of one room appears at the right time.

and the update list for version 0.54:

  • I've fixed some bugs that made the game hang under Windows XP (Thanks to MAX ATTAR).
  • Fixed a bug in the "arrow firing" routing that allowed you to fire as many arrows as you wanted when destroying stones with arrows!
  • Fixed a bug in the "arrow bouncing" routine. Now the arrows bounce again when they collide with the shield of a skeleton or knight.
  • The effect of the MINE, is now extended to the floor above it (I've not expanded it to the floor below the mine because I didn't like the effect, but If many of you want the mines to have effect on the below floor, I will change it).
  • Added a missing BAT in the room N14.
  • Skeletons don't give coins, arrows neither keys, as in the original game.
  • Fixed a bug in room L4 that avoided the "appearing wall" to appear...
  • Only one PIRANHA at a time now.
  • The LADDER in room 15I reappear when you go to the leftmost part of room 16G as in the original game.
  • The KNIGHTS don't climb more than one ladder at a time.
  • The SEADRAGONS of the World 5 don't cross the doors.
  • LAVA BALLS explode higher.
  • The ALTERNATE GRAPHIC SET is complete at last!!!! Including the final scene! Go and complete the game to see it!!

Check it out...