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Mitchell Hammond is an aspiring animator willing to do whatever is necessary to make his dream come true. He aims to turn animation a way of life but unfortunately real life doesn't make things easy. Anyway this fact is not discouraging him from achieving his goal. Determined to focus on his passion, from 2010 to 2014 Mitchell developed a brilliant short animation film based on the first release of Konami's Metal Gear, in other words where it all began, the MSX2 version developed in 1987.

Currently there is a Patreon about his project. From here we hope he gets the support needed.

Relevant link: Metal Gear animation short - video 1
Relevant link: Metal Gear animation short - video 2

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By Pippo

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19-09-2018, 21:44

Mitchell, you are a genius! Smile

By mth

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20-09-2018, 02:26

This looks really really good. I imagined the PSG tune of MG1 playing while watching it.

I just hope that Konami doesn't mess up his plans. It's always risky to invest a lot of time in a project that depends on stuff that belongs to a company.

By TheKid

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20-09-2018, 07:57

This is very nicely done.
Maybe Mitchell should add an "all persons fictitious" disclaimer Smile So when konami finds this animation he can say that all references to metal gear are coincidence and that the story is about some GI Joe (who happens to look like kyle reese) who's penguin (who happens to look like penatro) was stolen and kept in a secret heavely protected base run by a certain general claw (who happens to look like sean connery).

hmmm, come to think of it. Who is konami to complain about steeling work from others. Kyle reese, sean connery, the running man, predator ect.

By hamlet

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20-09-2018, 19:56

I like that many KX14CP1.

By Manuel

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20-09-2018, 23:37

hamlet wrote:

I like that many KX14CP1.

Hah, well spotted!

By TheKid

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21-09-2018, 07:31

yeah, sponsored by sony Smile