Metal Gear Box

by snout on 23-11-2003, 13:55
Topic: MSX Related

Patriek Lesparre spotted an article on the Metal Gear Box, a product with quite a strange name as it seems to have nothing to do with the Konami Metal Gear series. The Metal Gear Box is an external aluminum sATA harddisk box which connects to a PC using USB2, manufactured by Eumax. We wonder how Konami feels about this product Wink

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By cax

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23-11-2003, 17:08

This name is not chosen accidentally !

Look at font they use ! This is exactly the font from the game !

You still don't agree with me ?

Look at the full name of this product:
"Metal Gear Box Substance"

What can you say now ?

By snout

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23-11-2003, 17:42

Question is - do they have an agreement with Konami about all this??

By ro

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24-11-2003, 10:16

did u say Eumax? funny too..