Metal Gear Retrospective trailer, Part Two

by cax on 18-05-2008, 20:32
Topic: MSX Related

A few days ago we reported about part one of the Metal Gear Retrospective trailer. The contents of the second trailer, which lasts over 21 minutes:

  • Other Kojima projects such as Snatcher and Policenauts
  • Two MSX screens:
    - during talks about movie heroes chosen for MG and MG2:SS
    - when comparing the story from MGS and MG2:SS (side by side)
  • MGS for PS story, and remake named Twin Snakes for GameCube
  • Gameplay evolution (MG2:SS to MGS to TwinSnakes)
  • Bonuses (VR missions), voices, design, etc.

Relevant link: Metal Gear Retrospective Trailer, part two