Micomsoft XRGB-3 upscan converter

by snout on 05-06-2006, 22:57
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Micomsoft have released a new upscan converter called the XRGB-3. With an upscan converter you can convert a composite, SVHS or RGB (Japanese Scart) signal of 15kHz to a VGA signal of 31kHz, in order to display your MSX (console) screen on an ordinary VGA monitor at high quality. The new X-RGB supports several output resolutions (1024×768, 1280×1024 and 1600×1200) and includes DVI-D input (PC passthrough) and output, making it very suitable for modern TFT panels.

Relevant link: XRGB-3 - Japanese info page

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By wolf_

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05-06-2006, 23:07

hmm... 267 euro roughly, but I guess various stinkers should be added to the price, such as import tax ..

By [D-Tail]

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06-06-2006, 06:02

Order now! For only € 350,-!! o_O

By doraemonppc

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06-06-2006, 12:04

350€!!!! Really
My Japanese its a bit poor Tongue

It seems a good piece of hardware, but I never will spend this for a scandoubler!

By spl

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06-06-2006, 18:21

What a "popular" price!

By FiXato

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06-06-2006, 22:50



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07-06-2006, 00:58


By Grauw

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08-06-2006, 22:18

Extremely expensive.

It’s probably cheaper to spend that money on a real LCD-TV with SCART input.

By Maggoo

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10-06-2006, 18:18

Spent 320$ on a 19'' Samsung Syncnaster 910MP with VGA, audio/video, svhs and scart input. Works pretty good with my MSX2, can be used with my PC and has a TV tuner built in. Can even use the MSX and the PC at the same time with the PIP feature.

This upscan converter is nice but way too expensive !

By Gradius2

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25-12-2011, 17:59

Actually, you can ONLY get so called "scart" input for EUROPEAN monitors only!

For everything else, you need this thing, you can get MSX to 1080p. Santa

I have one and it was worth.

By SkyeWelse

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05-06-2012, 05:15

I just purchased one of these as well off of Yahoo Japan Auctions. I saw that it could offer the capability of playing many old school systems that I own with a nice output on an HDTV, which usually look like blurred garbage and the ability to accept both 15 khz and 24 khz (PC-98) and since I just recently ordered some PC-98/88 stuff, this should solve my problem nicely!

For me I got mine used and tested to be working off of Yahoo Japan Auctions for around $200 + shipping. Not too terrible a price for what I've seen of this upscaler. I think what makes this upscaler more useful than others that are cheaper is that it offer several different input methods and many tweaking options to use for getting your display just right!