More podcasts for the scene

More podcasts for the scene

by warmize on 05-12-2019, 21:49
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For almost 2 years Conexión MSX have produced podcasts in Spanish language.
During the production of those podcasts they also made a number of interviews in english.

In this english channel you can find interviews with:

  • Markus Vordermeier (hamlet)
  • Laurens Holst (Grauw)
  • Sander Van Nunen (Sander)
  • John Hassink

You can listen and subscribe to the english Connection MSX podcast here:

Connection MSX also published a Nijmegen 2019 chronicle, with some interviews that were previously available in their Youtube channel:
There you have interviews with:

  • Patriek Lesparre
  • Maarten Loor
  • Michael Stellman (Mi-Chi)
  • Laurens Holst (Grauw)
  • Russian Beer Service Crew (Alexey)

All these interviews are included in the Nijmegen 2019 podcast program.

Conexión MSX likes to thank everybody who has been interviewed.

They have also lots of different programs and interviews in spanish. The spanish channel of the podcast can be found here:

Conceive podcasts as a way of connecting people of the MSX Scene, so Conexión MSX is open to participation to anyone that wants to produce podcast programs of any kind and any language.

They will be creating more content in english whenever it is possible.
Do you want to join? If you want to make a programme chatting, interviewing... just contact Conexión MSX and they would be pleased to help you produce it ant publish it.


Hope you like it!

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By hamlet

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05-12-2019, 21:52

Thanks for publishing! It is so nice to hear those stories.

By hamlet

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11-02-2020, 22:34

More interviews from 2020 Nimega fair:
John Hassink and Robert Vroemisse