Old New Stock #6: Synthe Sector #1

Old New Stock #6: Synthe Sector #1

by meits on 06-11-2017, 23:41
Topic: MSX Related

This time the year is 1992. The responsible people who now are married with children were about to pop their first pimple. Earth was still flat and gangsters still shot their gun with wooden bullets. While all this madness was going on, those guys were able to team up, be Σmphasys and release their first music disk.

Synthe Sector #1 is the typical example of being on the right place at the right time. The music was composed in FAC Soundtracker. While the music disk was taking shape Moonsoft released Moonblaster and the guys of Σmphasys took a very early copy of that tracker and redid all the music. Synthe Sector #1 must have been in its final stage while this happened since the readme.txt says the Soundtracker files are on the disk as well... Which they're not. It would be fun to know if there were any differences between both versions of the songs.

Synthe Sector #1 is a nice music disk to have. It was Σmphasys' first step into quite a musical feast.

Where were you when Synthe Sector #1 was released?

See you in the next Old New Stock.

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By TheKid

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07-11-2017, 07:58

ah yeah, I remember this one. You forgot to mention the "guldens" (dutch currency at that time) where wooden too Smile
Certainly for their first music disc, it is something to be proud of.
And to answer the "Where were you.." question: Probably working hard on Mega Demo 3 and playing micro cabins "big strategy" till the late hours Smile.

By Pippo

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07-11-2017, 12:14

Very beautiful and soft tunes, Meits.
Thanks a lot for sharing. Smile