PMA Extractor for Windows

by snout on 16-04-2004, 20:28
Topic: MSX Related

Karel Jolij sent us a useful tool for MSX fans using Windows. PMA is an often used compression-format on MSX computers. However, popular decompressors on PC like WinRAR and WinZIP do not support this filetype. On MSX Banzai you can already find a Win32 tool for extracting LHA and PMA files. The PMA Extractor installs this tool, registers the PMA filetype and adds a nice icon to it, allowing you to easily extract .PMA files from your Windows explorer.

Relevant link: PMA Extractor

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By BiFi

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17-04-2004, 11:41

Nice little tool. I do think some kind of list option and selective extraction to directories other than the one the PMA file is located in would be a valuable addition to it.

By Gregory

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02-10-2017, 10:38

Can't get it to work under windows 7. I get the popup box 'This archive was created with the sharewareversion....' but when I proceed nothing seems to happen.

By Manuel

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02-10-2017, 18:05

Just use Lhasa...

By mars2000you

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02-10-2017, 18:45

By Gregory

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02-10-2017, 21:59

mars2000you wrote:

Or Bandizip

Yes, bandizip solved my problem, thanks.