Sotano MSX BBS

Sotano MSX BBS

by Pac on 16-02-2020, 19:31
Topic: MSX Related
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MRC user x1pepe has created Sotano MSX BBS with content for our beloved computers. It is dedicated entirely to the MSX standard and it offers the following services:

  • Homebrew game downloads.
  • Chat.
  • Messenger service.
  • Ansi Art image gallery.
  • Multiplayer online games (Doorgames).

You can access through TELNET: telnet 23 from any computer and of course from any 8-bit computer with an ethernet card like MSX (Gr8net, Obsonet, etc). The ratio of extra connections is between 5 and 10 users per day and there are currently 90 registered users. Taking into account that this is an obsolete computer communication system it is a fairly high ratio. BBS forever!

Relevant link: forum thread
Relevant link: video tutorials

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Comments (6)

By Vampier

Prophet (2415)

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17-02-2020, 05:05

looking good Smile

By x1pepe

Master (149)

x1pepe's picture

17-02-2020, 20:58

Thanks! Smile

By mariocavalcanti

Expert (114)

mariocavalcanti's picture

17-02-2020, 23:53

Nice! I liked the video about downloading files. Smile

By karloch

Prophet (2160)

karloch's picture

19-02-2020, 18:37

With this one the number of BBS dedicated to MSX computers just got duplicated! Good work x1pepe!

By hamlet

Scribe (4113)

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01-03-2020, 19:25

Jose Lopez Gonzalez, better known as 'yodh' in the MRC and 'yodhefim' in other channels like Retrowiki and Youtube, contribute an old version of a small game for MSX-2 and TURBO-R.

The TURBO-R versions takes advantage of its higher speed, nothing more than that. The program detects if you are using a TURBO-R, it simply makes a 'call r800').
In any case, as it's a game made in basic 'pure and hard' it's quite recommendable to run it in a TURBO-R, or else there's no other choice but to have some patienceE moving the sprite through the screens
Grutator has a main screen where you can go to the EDITOR or to the GAME by touching the left and right walls.
Unfornatualy the Editor section is not quite tested so what's left is the game, you are here for:
It's a game that could be included in the style of a MANIC MINER and similar games. The goal of the game is to take several objects and go out. But all that is still (even in more recent versions) unfinished. At least you can go through the level that is made up of a few screens.
Anyone (even if you can't program anything) can create a game like the example game you see.
Any doubt or suggestion or whatever, yodh will be happy to answer it.

Some keys that are needed for the game: Press the letter 'K' to pass some screens, the function keys 'F1 and F2' are used to (if you have) play as basic MSX2 or with the speed of TURBO-R.
There are two versions of the game, the only difference is that in the first one don't have music (just some sound). One version is for the one who don't use a OPL-4 cartridge.
The file marked with the name 'GRUTATOR.DSK' supports music for MOONSOUND.
Have fun playing 'Grutator'!

By x1pepe

Master (149)

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02-03-2020, 06:23

Thanks! Smile